My Fairy Door: The Magic Door Store

We have had the chance to review a gorgeously crafted miniature door from The Magic Door Store over the past few weeks and I have to say, it is brilliant. You have the choice of a fairy door or an elf door so there is a magical treat in store for both genders.


There are 12 doors to choose from including pink, purple, yellow, blue, green and red. Each miniature door comes with its own little pot of magic dust which really can help set your little ones imagination free. Isabella is a perfect age for this magical little door as she really does believe a little fairy comes through the door. We have hidden the pot of fairy dust from her and only use it when Fairy Mary, Isabella’s personal fairy, comes to visit.

There are so many different ways that you could use this door; whether it be purely for the enjoyment of imaginative play or used in an incentive or reward based activity. We are currently using it offer Isabella extra special praise for doing well at school or for staying dry all night- whatever she might have done that’s positive really.

Isabella’s fairy leaves her notes of encouragement and sometimes a little treat for doing so well. This has really helped her to learn that positive behaviour is rewarded. It’s been so lovely to see her trying to speak to Fairy Mary too. She will sit for so long knocking on the door and asking Fairy Mary to come out. She is totally enthralled with this little piece of magic.


  We have set it up downstairs on the fire surround at present as we are due to move house soon and we told Isabella that Fairy Mary will be easier to move if she stays downstairs. We plan to create a little fairy corner in her new bedroom when we do move so that Isabella can really engage in the imaginative play aspect too.

This really is a gorgeous gift idea that will last for years to come. It captures imagination and allows little minds to believe in a world of magic and make-believe. Who wouldn’t want that for their child?

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