My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector

Both my two love Thomas, there’s just something about him that has captured them. So when we were given the chance to review the Thomas and Friends Day to Night Projector, the only decision that needed to be made was who was going to try him out first!

This is a lovely interactive toy as well as being a handy projector for night time. My two have always had some form of light in their bedrooms at bedtime and this sweet little Thomas and Tidmouth shed are perfect for gazing at just before bed.

cheerful songs

Cheerily, Thomas will start the day with a morning song and cheerful sounds. The children play with Thomas and like to push him down the ramp in the shed to activate the sound effects. It’s certainly sturdy enough to be played with and mauled by toddlers as well as bigger kids. I love the size of Thomas – lots of our other Thomas trains are the smaller or micro size, so it’s great to have chunkier ones for play too. Thomas has also been used on our road play mat a lot and has become the ‘daddy’ train.

From Day to Night

With a simple slide of a switch, Thomas turns from day to night mode and will sing a sweet goodnight lullaby. When Thomas is safely tucked away in his shed, he will project light through the stars and moon shape on the roof (you might even spot Thomas’ face too!).

Depending on the mode of play chosen, the colours that are project change. You have yellows and whites to emulate the daylight and purples and blues for a more calming and relaxing night time mood.

As well as singing sweet songs, Thomas has sounds, phrases and music to keep your little one entertained.

We’ve loved playing with Thomas and the children now share him at bedtime; Thomas has to alternate bedrooms each night to keep them happy.

A great nightlight with the added benefit of being a toy too.

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