My Friend Freddy Bear

We met some great people at BritMums Live this year but one of the most memorable has to be the giant inflatable My Friend Freddy Bear along with the lovely ladies who were there to tell us all about him.

My Friend Freddy Bear is a cuddly bear with a difference; he has an app that you can download onto your smartphone or device which enables him to know more about your child and tailor his ‘conversation’ to them. There are 50 questions which you can fill in the details for and this allows Freddy to know all about your child. Isabella was so amazed by this feature.

My Friend Freddy Bear is aimed at 2+ and has three levels of difficulty so you can tailor the learning to your child (although Benjamin has taken quite a liking to him too!). When connected to the app via Bluetooth, Freddy can read stories (there are a choice of three), play games (again you have a choice of three) and talk about your child. Isabella really loves the story of the Three Little Pigs so she will sit for ages listening to Freddy read. She also loves playing the fishbowl game but unfortunately doesn’t have the patience to wait for Freddy to tell her what to do before she tries. There is a slight delay in time which means that she can get in a bit of a pickle if she doesn’t wait for the instruction.

  Even though Freddy Bear can’t understand or actually interact with you, his programming is well thought out and when he asks a question, he waits before responding to your child with a generic but well thought out response. Freddy also knows when he’s on his side or upside-down and will ask to be put the right way up. Isabella’s first response to this was “Oh, sorry Freddy Bear… I (of) course”. She really thinks he is talking to her and this makes it even more special.

Freddy isn’t just a friendly bear though, through his games and stories there is a learning element which my daughter loves.

My only small niggles with this bear are his voice; Isabella isn’t bothered by it at all but the mechanical sounding voice and the childish giggle don’t work well together. I’d like to hear Freddy with a more childlike voice. The only other thing is that he could be reading a story and Isabella will cuddle him inadvertently pushing the button on his tummy which will make him say something out of sequence. Like I said, these are small niggles and Isabella hasn’t noticed these at all.

For £39.99 My Friend Freddy Bear is sure to be a big hit this Christmas!

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