MyRebounder Review

If your kids are full of energy but don’t know what to do with it, have you thought of a trampoline? MyRebounder are a family business inspired by a passion to keep children active while making it fun.

Who can use it?

The MyRebounder trampolines are designed for children aged 3-7 years old. Rebounding is the term for jumping on a mini trampoline and it can be one of the best forms of excercice as it uses every muscle in the body. As well as improving general fitness levels, rebouonding can help improve strength, balance and co-ordination but most importantly, it’s great fun!

Children love bouncing and if they have access to a trampoline in the house, they are more likely to bounce on it at various times through the day rather than sitting around doing nothing. As you can see from the pictures I’ve tried to take of the children, they don’t stay still long enough to get a good shot!

Small Garden, No Problem

We have thought about getting the children a trampoline several times for the garden but with a play frame already, we just don’t have the space. MyRebounder is our perfect soloution. It’s small and compact enough with legs that fold away that we can use it indoors and outside when we want to but we can also store it away in the carry case provided when we need to.


MyRebounder offer their 40″ trampolines in blue or pink. I personally would like to see more gender-neutral colours available as having a boy and girl means they like different colours. We decided on the pink one as Benjamin and Isabella quite like pink at the moment but only Benjamin would have enjoyed blue.

The Trampoline is well made and is easy to assemble. It’s sturdy and doesn’t tip if you bounce too close to the edge. It comes with a colour coordinating spring cover to avoid any accidental pinching but this can be a little fiddly to pull all the way over the trampoline. You do have to wriggle and pull it around bit to get it on.

From a parent’s perspective, I love that the legs are foldable and collapsible without having to completely remove them from the trampoline. This makes it more use friendly and means I’m less likely to lose any of the legs if we have to put it away for storage.

Hours of fun

My two have so much fun jumping and dancing on the trampoline and use it on a daily basis. We are happy that the children are having fun and exercising at the same time.

We love the MyRebounder and would definitely recommend it to other families who don’t have the space for an outdoor trampoline.


  1. Thank you for this review and we note your comments about gender neutral colours. We will certainly be adding to the product range in future, so far we have been asked for red, yellow, purple and also black and white!
    We hope your children continue to enjoy many more hours of fun on our mini trampoline.

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