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If you have a baby, or know someone who does, you really MUST check out this lovely company naturespurest! Their products are made from 100% Organic Cotton (and they actually mean 100% Organic Cotton) meaning they don’t use any pesticides, chemicals or dyes either. Not only does this mean it’s great for the environment and your baby’s skin but I personally think it makes the products look more beautiful. I don’t know what it is about natural colours but I think it makes baby products look a lot more special and elegant.

Natures Purest products come in three colours: cream, green and brown and the cotton is grown naturally in these colours and is even harvested by hand!

Any of the products available would make a beautiful gift for a new arrival or would be a perfect addition to your own nursery.

imageNatures Knits 90X90cm Cable Border Blanket

This blanket is so soft and snuggly I didn’t want to give it up once I got it out the box! It’s a heavy blanket (which I always think is a good sign; to me it shows quality) but it’s not too thick which makes it perfect to use in both the winter and also on these chillier summer nights/days too. It’s made from 100% Organic Cream Cotton.

It looks quite traditional and would complement any cot or bed, regardless of gender. It would also make a great blanket for the buggy/pram as it’s lovely and big. I really love how simple the design is; its border gives it just enough detail without being too much. The Natures Purest logo is delicately stitched in the bottom corner and is very discreet; I hate products that splash their brand all over the product as I think it cheapens it.

It comes packaged in a brown recycled gift box with a hand tied bow and really does look stunning. I couldn’t believe that this was only £28. It looks and feels luxurious and in my opinion is worth every penny. Something like this will last your little one for years and because it washes really well and holds its shape, it continues to look new and just as beautiful.

imagePure Love Girl Bunny

The Pure Love Girl Bunny is the sweetest companion for any little girl. She is dressed as a little ballerina with a lovely crochet dress. This has to be my favourite soft toy; it’s got an adorable face and its soft silky ears make it perfect for stroking and would make a beautiful comforter.

It’s light enough to be held in the smallest of hands and soft enough for your little one to snuggle to sleep with. Isabella has taken to sucking the ears of this bunny and finds it hilarious when we make the bunny bounce. Pure Love Girl Bunny will be Isabella’s travel companion for a long time yet; we take her in the car, pram and to bed – we’ve even had some lovely compliments about her when out and about.

I’d love to say that this has become Isabella’s comforter as it’s just so sweet and would be a perfect size for her to carry around but she prefers to use a dummy as her comforter when going to sleep. (I keep trying to persuade her that the bunny is better but she’s having none of it – Bunny is great to play with and to cuddle but that’s as far as their relationship goes.

imageHug Me Bear

 The Hug Me Bear is where Natures Purest all began and is a beautiful bear. He (it looks like a boy bear to me) is made from 76% organic cotton and 24% polyester and is suitable from birth. He too comes beautifully packaged in a brown, recycled gift box and is my daughters favourite.

He’s  got a beanie bottom (and arms and legs) which makes him a little heavier than normal teddies but it also means he can sit up on his own. His head is lovely and soft and as it’s quite big (I’d say 50% of its overall size) he’s easy for Isabella to pick up and kiss.

I’m not sure exactly what it is that she loves – I think it’s his nose – but she loves to drag him over to people, kiss him and then offer him up to be kissed.

The attention to detail on Hug Me Bear is lovely; he even has a cross stitch for a belly button.  His little lopsided smile is adorable and he’d make a lovely gift.

If you’d like to know more about Natures Purest, or if you just want to see all the other amazing products they have, please visit:














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