Fisher Price Monsters Range: Review

We were recently asked to review the new Fisher Price Monsters Range and Benjamin has been testing them out over the past couple of weeks.


There are three new Monster toys in the range including the Fun Feeling Monster, the Hungry Monster Maze and the Press n’ Go Vehichles.

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Hungry Maze Monster

I’m going to start with our favourite. Both Benjamin and Isabella enjoy playing with the Hungry Monster Maze. It comes with 6 discs to ‘feed’ the monster and each disc has a number (1-6) with a corresponding picture on the reverse. This will be an excellent tool to help Benjamin learn his first numbers.

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There are two ‘feeding’ slots that your little one can use to post the discs through and ‘feed’ the little monster. Benjamin has taken to racing the discs and posting two at the same time! He loves watching the discs fill up inside the monster’s tummy before lifting up the catch at the bottom and seeing all the discs roll out together.

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For smaller babies, ‘feeding’ the monster discs will help to improve baby’s hand-eye coordination as well as baby’s fine motor skills. When you ‘feed’ the monster, there are fun chomping sounds as well as lovely little tunes that play. This will engage your little one’s curiosity and keep them coming back for more; it even has light up eyes that light up when the music plays. If you just want to hear more of the music, baby can even press the music note on the monster’s hand to hear more. It’s great for learning about cause and effect.

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This is certainly our favourite out of the three and the children have had lots of fun, especially in the mornings when they ‘feed’ the monster his breakfast in our bedroom!

The Hungry Monster Maze retails at £19.99.


Next up is the Press n’ Go Monster Vehichles


This is a really simple but effective toy for small children. You simply press the Press n’ Go Monster’s head down and he will zoom off along the floor. This is a brilliant toy for encouraging little ones to begin crawling after their monster friends and is another lovely toy that teaches baby about cause and effect.

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As well as being a fun moving toy, the arms, hair and teeth all offer baby different textures to feel and explore.


Benjamin likes this although as it’s used on carpet most of the time, it doesn’t go quite as fast (or far) as he would like. I can see this being fantastic for smaller babies but might have a shorter shelf life due to its limitations in speed. The Press n’ Go Monster Vehicles come in a variety of different colours. These retail at £12.99.


Finally we have been putting the Fun Feelings Monster


This is a sweet little monster who has three different faces to match different emotions. Every time the monster’s face is rolled to express a new emotion, a matching sound plays to reinforce the feeling being shown.

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Again, this Fun Feelings Monster has textured hair and arms to enable baby to explore different textures while they learn. This is a lovely little toy for young babies. It encourages them to reach out and touch the monster as well as help them to identify their own emotions. This little monster retails at £14.99

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