Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck : Review

If you haven’t met the super cute and super squishy Num Noms yet, you’re in for a real treat. Not  only are they cute and collectible, they also smell sweet too and the kids love them.

So what are Num Noms?

Num Noms are little scented, squishy characters that are made to look and smell like different food! You can stack them up to create different ‘recipes’ or simply collect them all.  We have been reviewing the amazing new Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck some individual Num Noms Nail Polish Blind Pots and so far the kids are going nuts for them.

Why Num Noms?

I’m not sure what it is about collectible ‘things’ but the kids all seem to love them. They are fascinated with the blind pots and are always eager to find out which Num Nom they have got. While Isabella, 6, will stack and collect her Num Noms, Benjamin has found another interesting way to play with them. He takes his into the bath and pings them across the tub – hours of fun!

The Lip Gloss Truck has an extra element of wonderfulness

If your children are obsessed with Num Noms, they will love being able to make and create their own scented, glittery lip gloss with their own personal Lip Gloss Truck. Not only does the truck look amazing, the self-service ‘ice cream’ style dispenser provides your little one hours of fun. You can choose vanilla or cherry flavouring to add to your lip gloss and add as much sparkle as you want too.

Close up of Num Noms Lip Gloss Maker

The Lip Gloss Truck comes with enough ingredients to make up 6-8 lip glosses depending on how you divide up the main clear pot of ‘gloss’. Although you can make up 8 glosses, there are only three pots included so you will have to wait until others have run out or use different pots. This hasn’t been an issue for us as Isabella (and Benjamin) are quite happy using the lip glosses they have already made.

The process

Num Noms in forground with Lip Gloss Truck and smiling girl in the background

Making the lip gloss is very simple. I love that the children can do this activity themselves without too much adult help as it gives them ownership and makes them feel more grown up too. One I had initially divided up the main pot of gloss into sections, Isabella got right to the making. She scooped out the right amount of gloss and mixed it with the flavour. She needed a little help squeezing the pot but soon got the hang of it. The glitter was the last thing to be stirred in. I think Isabella would have liked the glitter tub to be a little more free flowing but from a parental point of view, it’s just right.

Blue lip gloss in front of pink truck at back

Having mixed everything together, Isabella carefully scooped the mix into the Lip Gloss Truck and began to dispense it into her pots. Once all three glosses had been made, we washed everything with soapy water (things can get a little greasy) and then she chose her favourite lip gloss to put her Num on top of.

Nail Polish Too

Blue glitter nail polish

As well as the lip gloss, we’ve got a couple of nail polish Num Noms and while the Num is for my two the most important part (the actual collectible squishy thing) Isabella has also enjoyed playing with the nail polish. As a parent, I quite like that the nail polish actually comes off quite easily, especially in the bath. It means for me that I don’t need to worry if she puts it on one day after school; I won’t need to hunt out the nail polish remover just as we are meant to be leaving. Isabella on the other hand wanted it to have a little more longevity to it but it hasn’t put her off.

Overall we love the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck and think it’s perfect for entertaining the children in an activity as well as playing with the truck itself. The collectible Nums are high on the Christmas List this year and I think many children would be over the moon to receive the Lip Gloss Truck on Christmas Day. You can get Num Noms from Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos and all other good toy retailers.

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