Octonauts Remote Cotrol Gup-K: Review

If you have a fan of Octonauts in your house, the Octonauts Gup K won’t fail to disappoint. The Octonauts Remote Control Gup K is the ultimate swamp utility vehicle and will provide your little adventurer with hours of fun.

Octonauts Gup K
Used as a standalone toy or as a wider part of the Octonauts set, the remote-controlled Gup K races along with a really simple to use remote control; so simple in face that my 18-month-old can use it. As well as enjoying the general fun of the super speedy swamp vehicle as a remote controlled car, its jaws also open and close as it drives along enabling pretend play have a little more bite and help the crew to chomp through swamp debris and clear the way of any obstructions.

Octonauts Gup KOctonauts Gup K
Attached to the Gup K is a water-dart cannon which can be used to extinguish any wildfire flare-ups and its 2 swamp speeders are perfect for multi element play. Because these features are removable, more than one child can play and interact with the Gup K at a time and can enjoy playing together without being left out of the action.

What’s Included?

The Gup K comes with a Barnacles figure, two swap speeders, a water dark cannon and a little baby alligator; it can carry up to 6 crew members but all other figures are sold separately. Before you make the mistake of getting the toy out in front of excited children, make sure you have the right batteries needed (4 x AA and 2 x AAA) – I have learnt from past experience to double check if batteries are included and if not (like in this case) I’ve got the batteries required to hand.

Octonauts Gup K

The Gup K is brilliantly whizzy and luckily very durable as both my children absolutely love playing with this toy. Admittedly, Benjamin doesn’t like the chomping jaws motion and will hide behind one of us when his sister is racing it round the front room but he can’t get enough of the water cannon. He will fire the water cannon at us repeatedly only laughing more with every ‘hit’.Octonauts Gup K

From a parent’s perspective, I’d love the Gup K to come with an additional water jet as if it gets ‘lost’ somewhere or even slightly bent (as it’s jammed in the cannon), that added fun element will be lost.

The children have had great fun with this Octonauts gup toy and it would be the perfect gift for any Octonauts fan.

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