PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set

PJ Masks Deluxe FiguresFor any PJ Masks fanatic, the new PJ Masks 16 piece Deluxe Figure Set is a must have toy, especially if you haven’t got lots of the figures already. Both my two children (and my niece) love watching and re-enacting the plots of their favourite episodes. As soon as the Deluxe Figure Set arrived, the children were desperate to get at all their favourite characters and start playing.

Each figure is 7.5cm tall and comes with poseable arms and legs, which are perfect for adding an extra element to the children’s imaginative play. I don’t like the static figures as much as they can be quite limiting to play with.

Romeo and Catboy
The children will naturally all have their favourite characters. Isabella is drawn to Owlette and Luna Girl the most because you obviously have to pair up the goodie and baddie together! Benjamin has chosen Gekko and Romeo as his go to characters. The two of them can sit and play in their own little worlds for ages and it’s brilliant to listen to the plots that they choose to act out.

Owlette and Luna Girl
The Deluxe Figure Set comes complete with: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette (and their pet friends), Luna Girl, Romeo, Night Ninja, three stackable Ninjalinos and their corresponding weapons – Romeo has his Squashatron, Luna Girl has her luna magnet, and Night Ninja has his sticky plat to keep Catboy, Gekko and Owlette on their toes. The little details like the weapons and the fact that Owlette’s cape and Romeo’s clothing is soft make these figures stand out from others. The children automatically seem drawn to the tiny weapons and love how they fit nicely in the character’s hands.

PJ Masks

The figures themselves are well made and seem to be durable enough that they will stand up to a lot of playing. As a parent, I really like that the figures can actually stand up and are poseable. It’s sometimes a little trickier on carpet to get the characters to stand, ,especially the stackable Ninjalinos (who aren’t poseable) but we’ve managed to work around it.

The characters really do look like their cartoon characters which may seem a little strange to comment on. However, we have had some dolls and figures in the past that actually look like cheap imitations, even if they aren’t. They are bright and full of detail and I think they’ve captured the character’s brilliantly.

We’ve been really pleased with the quality of these figures and the children haven’t stopped playing with them. The one thing that Isabella has said would be a nice addition to the set, is to have the PJ Masks’ three wristbands. She loves to fully immerse herself in her play and likes to pretend she is Owlette. We do have an Owlette band that came with another figure set we have; she loves to wear this but would like to give one to her brother to play with too.

I think this is great value for money for any PJ Masks fan. You get all the characters you need to create wonderfully imaginative stories and will keep your PJ Masks fans entertained for hours. This set is just one of the PJ Masks master toy collection. The collection includes playsets, figures, blind bag collectibles, dress up and soft toy items. We also have the Deluxe Talking Owlette and the Owlette dressing up outfit which we will be reviewing very soon – so watch out for these!



  1. My pair would love this – big PJ Masks fan in this house

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