Playmobil Family Fun Zoo Playsets

Since my two have been old enough, they have loved their different Playmobil collections. So when we were asked to see what we thought about the new Playmobil Zoo range, they couldn’t wait to open up the boxes and get playing.

We were sent the Playmobil Family Fun Orangutans with Tree and Playmobil Family Fun Red Panda Habitat to put through its paces.

Orangutans with Tree Playset

The Orangutans with Tree playset comes with four orangutans; two adults and two babies. The adult orangutans feature movable arms and legs so they can easily swing through the trees or pass their little ones some bananas. There is a zoo keeper with bucket and rake who can give the orangutans their fruit and nuts/straw.

The tree comes in several pieces and includes two vines, a money rope swing, monkey perch, a feeder and two butterflies for the orangutans to try and catch! This is a great little set and you get quite a lot for your money. We love the detail on the orangutans.

Red Panda Habitat

The Red Panda Habitat is a beautiful little set which comes with two adorable red pandas, two ducks as well as a cute little family and trolley for the baby. The habitat consists of a tree full of flowers for the little pandas to climb and a pond with rocks for the ducks to take a dip.

The family are total tourists who can make the most of their day trip. With their trolley and camera to make sure they capture some memories of the day, and even a yellow heart balloon, you know the family will have had fun.

What adults love

What I love about these sets is the adaptability of them. You can play with them together or as separate pieces or you can join them up with other sets for a Playmobil world to get lost in. Playmobil sets open up the possibility for role play and creative imaginative play where children get to set the rules of their ‘world’. As well as just playing, children begin to learn how to develop storylines and character development. They can explore different roles and learn about animals or counties. The list is almost limitless. We also love how Playmobil really think about all the little details; the camera with lens and wrist strap, the colour and shapes of the food, all the items that open and close or the wheels that move. For me, it’s the little details that make the sets so adorable.

What the children love

Quite simply, they just love that they can play with Playmobil in any way they want. Yes, they will play with the sets as they were designed but they really love just being creative and making up their own stories and characters. What I’ve found them both doing with these sets is planning their own adventures for when we are able to get back to going on day trips and adventures of our own. It’s wonderful to see them engaging in play together and sharing their thoughts with one another. Unfortunately for Benjamin, I don’t think that a trip to space in a rocket with an orangutan is going to be on the cards even after Covid restrictions ease.



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