Playmobil Mars Expedition 70888 review

We absolutely adore Playmobil in our house and, truth be told, I can’t remember a time where we didn’t have one set or another out being played with. For the past couple of years the children have been really interested in the Space series and we already have quite a few models but we have been kindly gifted the Mars Expedition 70888 set for review.

What do you get?

Inside the box you get: a Mars rover with lights and sound (batteries not included) and three interchangeable accessories; a Mars trike; a research lab as well as a ‘rock drilling station’, ready for digging to investigate and drill for minerals; two astronauts; a robot and many other smaller accessories. All in all, you get a lot in the box for your money with this set. There’s plenty to keep the kids entertained with this set as a stand alone or as part of the Space collection.

Setting it up

All toys like this need an element of setting up and usually it falls to the adults on birthday mornings or the like and they often take longer than you’d like. This is just par for the course I feel however, the one thing that really bugs me when putting these sets together is the fact you have to open every single packet at once to complete even the first few steps. It would be so much simpler (and less chaotic) if there were numbered packs to open for the first few steps and so on until you get to the end. Obviously, this wouldn’t stop be buying the set, it just seems impractical and more likely to end up loosing pieces in all the excitement.

Once all the packs were opened and I could see everything, I got to work putting together the Mars rover. I found it to be very easy to follow the instructions and relatively quick. The only thing I struggles with was getting the tyres on properly. Once I had managed though, the rest was simple and straightforward.

What I love

There’s lots that I love about this collection. Aside from the obvious unscripted imaginative play that Playmobil offers, I really love the concept of the Space collection as well as the colours. This mini Space world offers my child the chance to dream about travel to Mars and exploring new planets. It offers exciting opportunities for them to invest in play and learn at the same time.

The Mars rover is big enough to be handled by boisterous kids and not fall apart! My kids love to play and play involved crashing the Mars rover into the sofa and sometimes the wall because… well because there’s always a crash or two in space isn’t there. As a parent, I love that the kids can play with this set and it doesn’t instantly fall to pieces. Also, I they are slightly heavy handed with thing like the door, it isn’t likely to snap but will pop off and be easily popped back on again.

The set comes with enough to use as a stand-alone toy. I hate it when you spend a small fortune on a toy and it only comes with one character and very few accessories; the implication of this being you have to buy additional sets for your child to be able to play properly. This Mars Expedition set has more than enough in it for kids to get right to playing without feeling like they are missing half the set.

Completes the set

As I explained before, we have previously bought Benjamin other sets from the Space collection and he was absolutely thrilled with this new addition which he said completes his set. Both the children and adults love the Mars Expedition and would highly recommend it for children who love Playmobil or imaginative play.

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