Poopsie Slime Surprise Magical Unicorn

Is it me or has the world gone a little Unicorn mad? We’ll I too have been caught in the trap of all things Unicorn and couldn’t resist the opportunity to give Poopsie Slime Surprise a go when we were offered the chance to review!

What is it?

Quite frankly, Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is a cute looking unicorn who once you feed her a magical concoction of powers and water, poops unicorn slime! It sounds revolting but tell me a child who doesn’t love all things gross and toilet humour related!

My two had great fun with Poopsie and after they made their slime, loved playing with Poopsie on her own. I was really pleased with this as I did worry about the longevity of the toy. Once you have used all the ingredients included, and you’re out of slime, I worried that the children wouldn’t be interested in playing with Poopsie. However, because of her cute accessories and long hair, Isabella loves playing with Poopsie on her own and will feed her water and watch her wee instead.

What’s in the box?

Each Poopsie Surprise Unicorn includes 20+ magical surprises all wrapped up inside the box. The unicorn you receive is also a surprise and you could get one of four: Whoopsie Doodle (Purple), Oopsie Starlight (Pink), Rainbow Brightstar (Rainbow) and Dazzle Darling (Blue). Although you won’t know which unicorn you will get, to try and limit the disappointment of children, there is a trick to get 50/50 odds. A white box will contain either a Oopsie Starlight (Pink) or Rainbow Brightstar (Rainbow). While a purple box will contain either a Whoopsie Doodle (Purple) or Dazzle Darling (Blue). Once you have opened your box and all the surprises, you should have:

  • Collectible bottle
  • Poop character keychain
  • Mystery scent dropper
  • Unicorn spoon
  • Unicorn food (slime powder)
  • unicorn magic
  • Potty
  • Hair Brush
  • Drinking cup
  • Nappy
  • T-shirt

How it works


You need to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the unicorn slime actually comes out in the correct consistency and so it doesn’t get stuck in Poopsie. Feed your unicorn the shimmer, then the correct amount of water and unicorn food (mixed together) – this is where the measuring cup, spoon and bottle come into use. Use the spoon to tip the mixture into the unicorn’s mouth. The head of the spoon rotates so be careful as you’re likely to get some spillage. Once fed, you need to rock your unicorn for approx. 30 seconds before placing her on the potty and pressing her belly button to reveal a sloppy mix.

The slime will look like liquid at first, but leave it for around 20 minutes and it soon hardens to become flexible shimmering slime. You can then get customising your slime. Change the colour / shade of the slime by adding Unicorn Magic or add some extra sparkles to really make your poop shine.

We found the process a little complicated for small children. It could have been easier just to pour one sachet of mix with some water rather than multiple sachets. I also found it difficult to judge half a packet – it would have been better to have smaller packets of the unicorn magic.

The unicorn poop can be kept in the magic poop keyring but we found after a while the poop became hard and not like a slime any more. This has not however taken away from the allure of the product. In fact my two just made more slime instead.


After the fun, always comes the cleaning. Although not awful to clean, I would advise you rinse your Poopsie immediately after use under warm water. This was enough to get rid of all the slime and enable me to dry Poopsie and let Isabella continue to play. Your Poopsie comes with a cleaning brush to allow you to clean inside her mouth but we didn’t find this necessary at this time.

The children have loved Poopsie Unicorn and even though there isn’t unlimited amounts of slime mixture, we still think Poopsie is a great gift. The collectible aspect means children will keep coming back to this toy and you can buy additional smaller packs to increase your collection.


  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s also a trick to ensure you 100% get the unicorn your child wants just stick your phone in the opening in the top take a picture with the flash on and see what colour the hair is then you can tell whatbunicorn it is

  2. Does anyone know what ingredient the Unicorn Food is made of? My daughter saved up her money, only to spill everything after putting the powder and water together. 🙁
    Thank you!

  3. my lil sis has one of these and i just wonder why someone would want a unicorn that poops its just kind of wierd! \(._.)/


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