Pop Pops Pets : Review AD

With all the rain we’ve been having, you might be in need of a few rainy day activities for the summer holidays which are fast approaching. If you want to keep your kids entertained and overjoyed over the summer months, you need to take a look at Yulu Toy’s Pop Pops Pets.

What are they?

Pop Pops Pets are a super exciting new range of collectible toys which come with the addition of slime. Which kids these days don’t love some slime! Well my two were lucky enough to be sent an amazing package of Pop Pops Pets from Yulu so we could really see what they are all about.

The concept is really simple. You get different sized blister packs of slime and you have to pop the pack, pull out the slime and see if you’ve popped out a pet. The Pop Pops Pets range come in pink and purple but you can get Pop Pops Snotz which are green and yellow. We loved the big reveal of which pet the children would find in their bubble but I had to help Benjamin pop some of his as the blister packs were sometimes quite tough.

Pack Sizes

You can buy Pop Pops Pets or Snotz in packs of six or twelve currently. In the pack of six, you will get two surprise pets inside and in the 12 pack, you will get four surprise pets. At first the children were a little disappointed that there weren’t pets in each bubble but they soon forgot about this when they started playing with all the slime. I think if the children hadn’t been given so many packs to pop, the excitement might not have been as great.

Alongside the slime and the pets, each pack contains a printed mat which you can use to play on. Not only will this save your furniture or carpet from slime, but it’s also got a cute scene on in which your little ones can play with their pets.

Lots of fun

It’s true that once you pop, you just can’t stop because the children were desperate to get all the bubbles popped as quickly as possible to see who they popped. The whole Poptropolis characters are so sweet and adorable that the children loved them all. You have Kittens, Seals, Sloths, Llamas, Penguins, Piggies and Wiener Dogs to try and collect. As with all collectibles there are the more common ones, rare ones, super rare and special edition. The children go mad for all the rare and special edition ones and it just adds to the excitement when they pop!

The children absolutely love their Pop Pops Pets and play with them regularly. The only thing we think is missing from Pop Pops Pets is a container to keep all the slime. We have found some Tupperware to hold the slime and pets in so it doesn’t dry out or go all over the carpet but it would be a perfect addition to large sets to get a container too.

Overall, we really love Pop Pops Pets but if you’re buying them for the first time, I would buy a larger pack to get 4 pets so your child can immerse themselves in the fun world of Poptropolis.

If you’d like to see some popping in action, head on over to my Instagram page!

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