Dinosaur Train Interactive Alvin and Mr Conductor

We received these toys and I was really excited by the idea of them. They are very durable and fun to play with but I have found that Alvin only says a maximum of 5 things instead of the 50 it states which is a little disappointing! We have Alvin and Mr Conductor and when they interact with each other it’s really interesting but I am disappointed that I haven’t heard the full range of phrases that they claim to {Read More}

Providence Climbing Frame

I wanted to buy a swing set or climbing frame that would last years rather than months and spent a long time researching which to buy. I wanted something that was obviously built to last, and had the space to grow with my daughter (And any subsequent children I may have). The Providence Climbing Frame seemed to tick all of the boxes; it had enough space to be versatile and wasn’t too big. It even came with a little table {Read More}

TOMY Aquadoodle Travel Drawing Bag

  I love the large Aqaudoodle mats for mess free play both indoors and out but I wanted something to entertain my daughter in the car (she has become quite fussy and irritable on car journeys) and also for the flight to our recent holiday. IT WAS BRILLIANT! I love how lightweight the Aquadoodle Travel Drawing Bag is and that it has a handle so it’s easy for Isabella to hold and for the purpose I wanted it for it {Read More}

EZ Fort Fairy Tale Castle

I had really high hopes for this fort from Maps Toys as it looks like a fantastic idea and I loved the thought that it could be both an inside and outside toy; however, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed with it as a product overall. There are some real positives too but I think a little more thought needs to go into the overall design. So, some of the good points are that it sparks creativity and {Read More}

Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post ‘n’ Play

Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post ‘n’ Play set is 4 toys in 1. Costing  just £14.99, I think it’s great value for money and provides hours of fun for any young mess maker. Isabella loves stacking and building at the moment so stacking the cups on top of the honey pot before knocking them down again provides endless entertainment for her. She will quite happily amuse herself with this task for a good 15-20 minutes. The pouring ability of {Read More}

Review: BABY Born Interactive Girl

BABY born interactive girl is a lovely doll that many little girls will look after and cherish. She is a good size and quite heavy so feels more like a baby. The BABY born interactive girl comes dressed in a cute pink body suit and has ten accessories including a spoon, bowl, bottle, potty, nappies (X2) and food. Having a simple baby grow on does mean however, you are more inclined to buy more clothes to dress BABY born in {Read More}

Dancing Pooh by Tomy

This Dancing Pooh is a great toy for my 11 month old. She is just in the stage of copying actions and dancing (oh ok bobbing) and Winnie the Pooh is a perfect dancing companion for when I’m all danced out. When I first pushed his hand and made Pooh talk, Isabella was a little unsure, but as we danced along to Pooh Bear (yes myself and my husband were bobbing up and down and touching the ground!) she lost {Read More}

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies – Bella the Butterfly

This night light and lullabies soft toy has been an absolute lifesaver at bedtime. Since my daughter was about 6 weeks old I’ve been using this to help Isabella sooth herself to sleep. From around 9 weeks we could leave Isabella awake and put this on and within 15 minutes, she would be asleep. There are three different colour display options – blue, green and red. I find the blue to work the best as it shines the brightest, creating {Read More}