Strictly Briks Baseplates Review

If you have kids who love construction, they will love these Strictly Briks Baseplates. Whether you have construction enthusiasts who just like to get creative and build amazing masterpieces, or your children who like to follow the instructions to the letter or even those who prefer to make structures to use with other toys, the Strictly Brik Baseplates have it covered.

We have been testing out a couple of their products and have to say the quality is great. I am always a little apprehensive about whether or not mixing brands of building blocks work but we’ve has absolutely no issue what so ever mixing Strictly Briks with our other major brands of building blocks.

Benjamin absolutely loves the Road Brik Baseplates. You get 4 curved and 4 straight 10X10” baseplates and can connect them together with some bricks to ensure they don’t keep separating. This creates a simple road structure but this was more than enough to keep Benjamin entertained. To complement the Brik Road we also used the Brik Tower to create a multistorey car park.

The Brik Tower is good fun although it’s not quite as structurally sound as my two need it to be. If you want to build any structures on the plates, you have to do that before turning it into a tower otherwise you risk pulling it all down (even if you have the posts in the middle of the structure too). We really love how you can turn the tower into whatever you like – car park, flats, large building. Again these plates are 10X10” so a good size to play with and get creative. Benjamin doesn’t like using the posts in the middle of the structure so mainly uses this as a car park.

For those of you who just need some basic baseplates, the 12 pack of 10X10” colour baseplates are excellent. You can stick them together to create a huge baseplate or keep them separate for slightly smaller structures. My two are becoming more and more interested in building structures so we are actually going to glue a few of the baseplates to a cheap table so they have a strong base to keep all their structures secure.

As there are 12 baseplates in the rainbow pack, there’s more than enough for us to use to secure to the tables and keep some loose for building fun.

The colours of the baseplates are bright, inviting and fun. My kids of course have their preferred colours but also choose the colour depending on what they are building. These Stictly Briks are fantastic and I would highly recommend them.

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