Wobbly Worm : Review

Sometimes when your children ask you to play a game with them, you dread what game they are going to choose – come on, it’s not just me, right? But with Wobbly Worm from Spin Master you don’t have to dread it, in fact, the whole family can play and actually enjoy it too.Wobbly Worm

While the game says it’s for 2-3 players, we have adapted it so that you simply take it in turn to throw all the hoops, keeping a tally of your points as you go. This works really well for us and enables the whole family to get involved.Playing Wobbly Worm

Boy playing Wobbly Worm

Wobbles the Worm, dizzy from falling out an apple tree, bobs and wobbles around while you try to throw the hoops over his head. If you play the games according to the instructions, each player has three different sized hoops and the first person to hoop all three of their hoops wins. While my two are still quite young, 3 and 5, this can end up causing a few arguments about whose turn it is to throw which is why we decided to play it slightly differently.Hoop the Wobbly Worm

As well as having clear turns, we found having more hoops gave the children time to get into the swing of things and they seemed to manage to hoop more. It’s a really fun game to help develop hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills and turn taking. You can decide on Wobbles’ height to make it more age (height) appropriate and to begin with, you can turn off the wobbling, spinning movement again to change the level of difficulty.

Great game for kids and adults

The idea of a hoopla is simple but adding a fun element of movement and different hoop sizes engages the children for ages. We’ve play it in and outdoors and think it’s brilliant fun. The adults get just as engrossed (if not more) and you really see who has the competitive streak!Adults playing Wobbly Worm

The game is simple and quick to put together and tidy away back into the box so you don’t have to leave it out all the time. All the pieces fit nicely back in the box so you won’t end up losing any hoops.What youo get in the box - Wobbly Worm

Wobbly Worm Face

Wobbly Worm is a huge hit in our home and we think  you’d enjoy it too. It’s great for summer garden fun but equally works well in the house.

Winning at Wobbly Worm


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