YoYo Ball review

We have kindly been sent two YoYo Ball’s for the children to try out and I can’t stress enough how much the children love these. They are super easy to use, fun and boast bright patterns and designs. My two have played with these every day after school and even take them in the car as a fidget toy.

Both children have tried regular yoyo’s out without any real success; they can’t quite master the technique and end up spending longer winding the yoyo back up than actually playing or mastering the skills. If you’re a parent, you’ll certainly know the pain of a child who can’t yoyo (or it seems wind it back up!) Well, worry no more! The amazing YoYo Ball never needs winding!! Yup – you heard me right… NEVER. NEEDS. WINDING.

This cool YoYo Ball self-winds after every flick. Because it self-winds, you do need a little force behind the initial flick to actually get the YoYo Ball moving but both my 6 and 9 year old have mastered this quickly. This has literally been a game changer for my two. They now love trying to master tricks and have spent ages together in the garden playing.

If you read the back of the pack, they suggest that you loop the string into the hoop before putting it on your finger to stop it slipping. This is especially important if your children are likely to try tricks as it requires a bit of force to get the ball moving.

We love how you can still master tricks on this YoYo Ball. While it’s a little different than a regular yoyo, you can still do tricks like, around the world and walk the dog! It’s really easy to use and offers younger children the opportunity to build confidence around yoyos.

Available in 6 different designs and suitable for children ages 4+, these amazing YoYo Balls retail at £4.99. You can get yours here from Symths Toys .

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