Project Mc2 Pixel Purse : Review

Isabella has become increasingly interested in more STEM subjects of late, and has been given the opportunity to test some toys with a STEM focus. A few weeks ago, she reviewed the Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag and absolutely loves it. Now she’s been given the chance to review the Project Mc2 Pixel Purse and has loved every second of this too.

The Pixel Purse is a great concept for a toy and comes from the hugely popular Netflix series but I was a little aggitated that the purse element doesn’t actually function. Although the real feature is the pixel front, I would have loved for this purse to be functioning too. There is very limited space at the back of the purse to store a phone or small device while playing but not a lot else.

Fun straight out the box

Aside from that, Isabella has really enjoyed playing with the Pixel Purse. It comes with 10 pre-programmed designs so you can play with it right away (although they suggest to change the batteries before play – 4X AA) but to be honest the fun comes when you develop your own animations. You can download the free iOS and Android app easily to allow you to customise your own designs. However, please check that your device is compatible as not all devices are.

You can customise the colour of the animation, use a font to type messages, freestyle your own design o even use stamps to help create your perfect design. The app is relatively easy to get the hang of and once you have created your design, you can save your animation, connect it to the purse and have fun with your custom design.

Although there is space at the back of the bag to clip your phone safely into the purse, I haven’t found it necessary to leave the phone connected to the purse. Once we have downloaded the design, it seems to stay programmed into the Pixel Purse meaning I can have my phone back!

Builds Confidence

Isabella loved getting creative and loved seeing her name flashing on the display most of all. As she has developed more confidence with the app, her designs have become more and more elaborate and she will regularly come back to playing with the purse.

The Pixel Purse is designed for children 6+ but even Benjamin (3) has enjoyed having a little play around. It’s very well made and helps to teach children about a relatively complex technology in a really simple way.

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