Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag: Review

When I saw the Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag I was instantly interested in it because of its link to the STEM subjects. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for girly girl toys as well because, well, my daughter loves them but I really love the idea that companies are now really focusing on getting girls engaged in STEM subjects.

Project MC2 is a children’s TV show on Netflix about four friends (girls) who are also super spies and science and tech whizzes. Isabella and Benjamin both enjoy getting creative when they can so as soon as I showed the children the spy bag, neither could wait to get their hands on it.

What’s Inside?

We opened it up to reveal: test tubes, beakers, a lipstick that’s actually a secret message launcher (or just a ‘squirt squirt’ according to Benjamin!), a torch disguised as a nail polish, a fingerprinting kit which also doubles up as a compact make-up powder kit, an air blower that looks like a perfume bottle and a ‘spy book’ with ideas for different science experiments.

Although the spy kit is still very notably girly being pink and using make up as the gadgets’ cover, this was perfect for Isabella. She really does love all things pink and girly but she also really enjoys being creative and making potions. Benjamin has grown up around all things pink and will often choose something pink if he has the choice.

They both had favourites

Immediately once the spy kit as opened the children picked their favourite gadget; Benjamin took straight to the secret message lipstick launcher and spent the entire day playing with just that! Although he didn’t use it to send messages, he still had great fun and enjoyed getting his sister! Isabella was instantly drawn to the powder firstly because she could use it as make-up and secondly because she was taking all of our prints and recording them in her spy book.

As yet, we’ve only let the children play with water when concocting their potions as they usually use it after Isabella is home from school and I’m in and out of the room cooking dinner. We are going to spend some time over the half term having a real crack at some bubbly science experiments.

Both of the kids have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag and I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality and durability of the pieces. It’s made from a really strong plastic and the gadgets are well made too. It even has a useful and sturdy lock on the front of the bag. It opens up to create a mini science lab and is strong and sturdy enough to stand on its own. I like how all the pieces have their own place within the bag so they are less likely to get lost after play has finished. Isabella loves having her own special bag that she can keep her secret thing locked up in.


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