Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Review: Fisher Price

If your little ones love the adventures of Shimmer and Shine, they are going to absolutely love the Shimmer & Shine Magic Flying Carpet. It is fun and engaging with over 40 phrases and magical sounds. To access all of the sounds, your little ones will need to fly the carpet high through the air and low down to the floor as well as letting it magically glide across the floor.

Seperate Dolls

With two detachable dolls, the Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet toy offers your child the chance to engage in imaginative play with the added excitement a realistic flying magic carpet to take their imagination off to new heights. When you press the button (jewel) on the magic carpet, the mechanism underneath makes the carpet wave up and down to mimic it actually flying.

Each doll has removable sparkly genie trousers (which the children have to take off immediately!) and coordinating removable shoes. They love dressing and undressing the dolls and swapping their trousers over. They will also sit for what seems like hours brushing and smoothing out Shimmer and Shine’s beautifully long hair ready for their next big adventure.

Flying Magic Carpet

Although it is recommended to use on a hard floor, we haven’t had any issues using the magic carpet on carpeted flooring – it does however work better on hard floors. Although there are limitations to the uses of the magic carpet itself, it is an excellent little toy which will be enjoyed for hours.

On the front of the magic carpet, when the jewel button is pressed, you hear songs, phrases and sounds from Shimmer and Shine and depending on how you are holding or playing with the carpet, depends on the phases that are used. If for example you fly the carpet up into the air, it will talk about seeing the clouds and say how high they are.

More than just a magic carpet

The Shimmer and Shine dolls also have some movability in their bodies so they can sit in the magic carpet but also so they can stand and be played with independently from the magic carpet. This adds a lot to the toy’s usability and ticks a big box for me as a parent. In my eyes, there is nothing worse than having fixed, plastic figures that can’t be maneuverer and used in other play situations. Although the dolls themselves do not talk (all the phrases come from the magic carpet), this doesn’t limit the toy in any way.

My daughter, son and niece have absolutely loved playing with this toy and I can see it being a huge hit with other Shimmer and Shine fans this Christmas. The RRP is £41.99.

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