Summer Infant Slumber Buddies – Bella the Butterfly

This night light and lullabies soft toy has been an absolute lifesaver at bedtime.

Since my daughter was about 6 weeks old I’ve been using this to help Isabella sooth herself to sleep. From around 9 weeks we could leave Isabella awake and put this on and within 15 minutes, she would be asleep.

There are three different colour display options – blue, green and red. I find the blue to work the best as it shines the brightest, creating a better contrast on the ceiling for my daughter to look at. The only thing that could make the light display better would be if the lights moved. If Isabella is really upset, I find moving the toy and making the stars and moon move on the ceiling helps her to forget what she was crying about and settle down a lot easier.

The six different lullabies / sounds are nice and relaxing; I sometimes feel like I will fall asleep listening to it. I don’t think the heartbeat sounds like a heartbeat and have never really used it but I know some babies will find this sound reassuring.

You can choose three different volume settings for this – I tend to use the loudest as we keep the toy away from the moses basket. As Isabella grows and takes Bella to bed with her, I’m sure I will favour a lower setting.

Depending on what your baby likes, you can choose to have just the lights on or just the music or both together. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of playing which is great because you don’t have to go upstairs and turn it off. The only problem with this is that I forget to turn the switch off at the bottom and then I find the batteries don’t last very long.

I would definitely recommend this product to any new parent as this night light and toy will last and grow with your child (it also comes in a boy friendly frog). I would certainly shop around for this though as it can range in price from £17.99 – £30.00.










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