Kitty Surprise: Review

Last week, Isabella welcomed home a very special surprise kitty called Sasha. When Kitty Surprise arrived, we I mean, she was extremely excited to see how many kittens her cat, Sasha, would have; she had three – two girls and a boy. Immediately after kittens were ‘delivered’, Isabella began caring for her new pets.

Kitty Surprise is a soft, fluffy and extremely huggable mummy cat toy designed to help children to develop caring and nurturing skills towards animals. The fact that Isabella loves to play mum at any given opportunity meant that this toy was an instant hit with her. Out of all the toys Isabella owns, Kitty Surprise been the one she has literally taken everywhere with her since she received it. It hasn’t left her side. It’s been on the school run, dancing round the front room, the bathroom, and even to Rugby Tots while she waited for her brother to finish his club.

Things we love

This cuddly cat has lots to offer its new owner – you can brush and style your kitty’s hair and tail and learn the importance of grooming a real cat. Isabella has sat and meticulously brushed her cat and kitten’s fur with a special brush she found and will sit contentedly chatting away to the kitties as if they were real. She has taken it upon herself to be the only allowed to care for the kitties – everyone else is only allowed to play with them if we ask nicely!

Keeping in with the theme of caring for your pet, Kitty Surprise comes with a surprise amount of kittens, just like a real cat. You could get 3, 4 or even 5 kittens with your kitty but you won’t know until you look in her pouch. Isabella loved being able to help Sasha to ‘deliver’ her kittens and has replayed this many times. It’s beautiful to see how caring children can be and how understanding they are of new babies and animals.

As I said earlier, Sasha ‘delivered’ three kittens and two of these were girls and one was a boy. Only two kittens were in Sasha’s tummy however as one of the girls was already ‘born’ and waiting in the box. The mewing kitten with sparkly ears was the ‘pre-delivered’ kitten. In my opinion, it would have been nice to have had all the kittens in the mother’s tummy so it would have been a complete surprise, but Isabella didn’t seem to mind. Isabella also questioned why there were only three kittens when there were more on the box. I had to explain the concept of the toy and she seemed happy enough with this.

Things we would have liked

One thing Isabella did feel was lacking though was a special brush. She immediately wanted to care for her new cat after delivering the kittens and was keen to brush their fur. It would have been lovely to have a brush included in the set for this reason. The only other issue for Isabella was the fact that instead of having Sasha’s name on her beautiful and sparkly collar, it simply had the initials KS. She was worried that if Sasha got lost, she wouldn’t be able to kind her way home. These really are minor issues though and wouldn’t put me off of purchasing this item.

Kitty Surprise is available in several different kitty families which all have different colours and hair styles to choose from for £26.99 but the fun doesn’t have to stop there – Just Play also offer a range of other toys including Puppy Surprise.

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