Teach n Tag Movi: Review

We’ve been putting the Teach n Tag Movi robot from Fisher-Price to test and we’ve had brilliant fun doing it. Not only is this toy lots of fun, it’s educational and gets everyone up and moving.

Movi is a super cute and loveable robot with over 60 different facial expressions to let you know how he’s feeling. Teach n Tag Movi has a clear voice and his commands and games are really easy for all children to follow. Although it’s aimed at 3-6 year olds, I would say that Movi is more appropriate for 2-4 or maybe 5-year-olds at a push. Although Isabella, at 5, enjoys playing with Movi, I feel she’s only interested in him because of her younger brother. Benjamin on the other hand, at two and a half, is completely engaged with all of Movi’s games.

Get your kids moving

When you get Movi out of the box, you need to attach it’s third leg which is stored in the side of the box. It doesn’t require you to use any tools, you just click the wheel into position and you’re ready to go. It’s a really sturdy design and even with over excited toddlers, seems to stand up to the pressure.

There are three different learn and move modes with the Teach n Tag Movi – Alpha Fun Actions, Think and Move Shapes and Lear and Play Games. The different modes teach your little mover to follow directions (which, let’s face it, most pre-schoolers can use a little help with!), critical thinking and movement and motion. It helps your child’s mind and body to move.

Isabella, being a little older, enjoys the “Movi says” game which requires you to concentrate on what Movi is telling you to do. Benjamin copies Isabella but doesn’t always listen fully or understand what’s required of him. Benjamin is more of a fan of the animal moves and red light, green light game.

Movi is great for Benjamin. It’s helping him to consolidate his colours, animal sounds, shapes and the alphabet as well as being hugely entertaining. It keeps the children entertained for a good 40 minutes or more but I don’t think it would entertain Isabella for that long without her little brother.

As you can see from the blurry photos, Movi definitely keeps your little ones moving and their brains active. We absolutely love Movi. It’s RRP is £44.99 and I’m sure will bring your little mover lots of enjoyment. 


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