Thomas & Friends MINIS Motorized Raceway: Review

We love everything Thomas in this house and the Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS Motorized Raceway is no different. In fact, this toy train set has fast become one of the children’s favourite toys. They will both quite happily sit and play with this for a good half an hour or more (Benjamin less so).

As soon as I took this out the box, Benjamin was all over it; he couldn’t wait for me to build it. He even tried to give me a helping hand! The whole set was really easy to build and only took a matter of minutes (even with some additional helpers).

What We Love

Once the track was up and ready, I added the batteries and the trains and off they whizzed in all different directions. The Thomas MINIS automatically climb up the motorized playset and when at the top, they are sent spinning into three different directions. The switch to change the trains’ course can be a little tricky for small hands to do with the speed of the trains, but it just seemed to add to the excitement of their play.

I love how the track is very easy to store as it’s relatively small and that each race track almost seems magnetic. The MINIS actually stay on like a roller coaster with the thread overlapping the track. To small children, this seems very magical. Although this is quite a passive toy, in the sense that you really have to watch the trains, it is hugely mesmerising and provides hours of fun.

Light and portable

The whole track is really light and very portable because of this, but being super pernickety, I would have liked a sturdier base for the whole track to sit on. The only reason I say this is because Isabella sometimes knocks it over as she’s trying to use the switch to change the trains’ direction.


We hadn’t introduced MINIS to our collection yet because of Benjamin’s age and the smaller trains but he’s actually not interested in putting them in his mouth at all (we still don’t leave him to play alone with this toy due to risk of choking).

I really wish there were additional sets that could be added to this playset, even if they weren’t motorised, so that it could extend the level of play and the enjoyment from it. You could make an entry/exit for this particular raceway and then have additional track to play with on a more active and imaginative play level.

This Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS Motorized Raceway has been played with multiple times a day, every day since we were sent it and I can’t see the attraction wearing off anytime soon.

Overall we love it!

This is a brilliant addition to our ever growing Thomas collection and would also make a brilliant present as no other sets are necessary to enjoy play. It comes with two trains, Thomas and James, and additional MINIS can be bought to add to the fun.


The Motorized raceway gets a great big 10 out of 10 from us!



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