Harry Potter Magical Capsules

If you have anyone Harry Potter obsessed in your home, you are going to want to see these spectacular Harry Potter Magical Capsules. These are the newest wizarding world collectables on the market and are super sweet.

These collectable figures come housed in a bronze Hogwarts crest – this alone is pretty cool. There are 10 characters to collect in the first series and you’ll definitely want to keep hunting for them all! These are available to buy from Kaptoys.com and you can check out more over at @KAPToys .

Once you open your bronze Hogwarts crest from the packaging, you will notice that there are three numbered compartments to open. Each compartment holds a clue to the character you will reveal inside. Open compartment one to reveal a small cardboard Hogwarts crest. You will need to use the heat of your thumb or finger to reveal which house your character is in. This caused much excitement for my daughter as she was desperate to be in Griffindor (or at the very least, not in Slitherin!). When she revealed the deep red of Griffindor, Isabella’s excitement grew.

Wands at the ready!

On to the second compartment and inside you will find clue number 2. If you look carefully you will notice that you need to use water to reveal the spell. We used a tiny bit of water on the end of our finger to lightly dampen the card. Our spell read ‘Alohomora’. Isabella thought it might have been Hermione from this but doubted herself too. She was getting more excited by the minute.

Open the back of the chest, compartment 3, to reveal 4 small packages and one larger ‘suitcase’ package. Make sure you save the biggest for last! Isabella opened a wand, a quill in an ink pot, a book and Crookshanks from the 4 smaller packages. As soon as Isabella had spotted Crookshanks, she couldn’t wait to tear open the large package as she just knew it would reveal her favourite character, Hermione!

Totally in love

The little Hermione figure is so sweet and Isabella loves it completely. She takes her everywhere with her and keeps all the items locked safely away in the Hogwarts crest and takes that around everywhere with her in her handbag.

We were so lucky to reveal Hermione on our first pick as we would have had to keep going until we found her. We will be buying some more of these amazing Magical Capsules to take on long journeys or as treats for the children. They are super sweet and provide any Potter obsessed people with hours of entertainment.

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