Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies : Review

To end the half term, we were lucky enough to be given two of the new Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies to test out. The children were more than a little excited to say the least! The children love Hatchimals so to be given the chance to try out the new Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies was a real treat.

Predictably, the children couldn’t wait to crack out the egg and hatch their Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies but I had just enough time to snap this! Benjamin chose the blue one and Isabella chose the pink. As soon as they had their Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies in their hands, they knew exactly what to do to crack their eggs open.

After rubbing the heart for a minute, the children eagerly tore into the egg and flung little pieces of egg shell across the carpet in an excited bid to see which Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies they had hatched.

After the initial excitement of seeing the beautiful winged pixie, the children realised it came with a spinning stage! Underneath the stage housed three little royal accessories; matching tiara, glasses and a tiny necklace! Make sure you don’t lose that in the packaging like Benjamin nearly did!

Things we love

For such a sweet little gift, these Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies actually pack quite a lot into a small package. Unlike other toys, once you’ve hatched the pixies, you have a little dance stage which twirls the fairies around to make them look like they are dancing.

I love the detail in the wings as well. As the pixies twirl around, their wings gently flutter as they are a soft almost jelly like material.

The Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies are super sparkly and ever so sweet. My two adore them and they have taken pride of place on their window sill while the children are out at school. These are such a super little gift that I can see them being perfect for stocking fillers this Christmas! You can get your hands on these adorable pixies from all good toy retailers including Argos, The Entertainer and Smyths.

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  1. Ahhh they look super cute. Isla would love these 🙂

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