Muggles everywhere disappear without warning! Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

We’ve been lucky enough to spend the half term playing with the new WOW! Stuff Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak and what a treat it’s been.

Isabella has really started to get into Harry Potter over the past few months and totally believes in the magic and mystery of the stories. We have just finished reading the second book together and to say she is hooked, is an understatement. So when the Invisibility Cloak arrived, I knew I had to have some fun with it first! I got my husband to film me using the cloak and then I showed the children my video. They went mad! It was a priceless moment for me.

Having had my little bit of fun (for the time being) I showed the children how it worked and let them play around until they had perfected their invisibility tricks. At first the children didn’t understand that the scene needed to be ‘set’ first which means they couldn’t be in shot for the first part. Once they got the hand of it though, they spent ages trying to figure out new ways of appearing or disappearing on camera. They laughed for hours. Literally.

What’s in the box then?

So you obviously get your invisibility cloak which has a lovely true to film look about it on one side and a silk green on the other to replicate the green screen. The cloak is made of quality material and even has a metal clasp at the top so you can wear it ‘hands free’.

As well as the cloak, you get a phone/tablet stand to ensure that your phone stays still. If you have a perfectly still camera, your images and videos will come out much better than free-handing it.

On the instructions, you get a code that you need to enter into the WOW stuff app in order for your cloak to work. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it takes seconds to register and then you’re on your way! Muggles all over the world will be floating headless down corridors!

Just For kids?

Absolutely not! While the Wow Stuff Invisibility Cloak certainly entertains the children no end, one thing I have to mention loud and clear is that this will bring adult Harry Potter fans just as much joy as the younger ones. In fact, I can’t wait for Christmas as I think bringing this out after dinner is going to get everyone laughing! Making Nana and Grandad disappear will be a highlight for the kids.

There are some amazing Harry Potter merchandise out there at the moment but this really does go straight to the top of my list. It really is so much fun and the children use it both with and without the app.

This Cloak isn’t just for Christmas – this cloak will bring muggles everywhere joy all year round. You can buy your Invisibility cloak at all good toy retailers like Smyths, Argos and Amazon.

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