My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden

Believe in magic and the world seems brighter. With the new Fairy Light Garden, your little believer can create their dream fairy garden that they can play with inside and out.

Heather and Elvie the fairies can live in their beautiful new fairy garden and share their magical world with their unicorn and hedgehog friends. Once you’ve set up your special fairy garden, you can sew the grass seeds and watch the grass grow; trimming and pruning, caring for your garden.

As well as having a gorgeous fairy garden for your garden (or indoors), you can take the enchanted fairy mushroom home and use it as a sweet night light. Simply blow on the magic candle through the little window and the light will turn on along with a gentle tune, blow again and the light will turn off again.

What’s in the box

Included in this enchanting set, you will get all the components you need to build your fairy garden except for the soil and 2 AAA batteries. You will need to click together some of the items to create the individual components. There is:

  • The main terracotta style bowl
  • Light up musical house
  • Raised growing bed
  • Raised decking with hedgehog house
  • Heather fairy figure
  • Evie fairy figure
  • Hedgehog figure
  • Unicorn foal figure
  • Fairy mushroom
  • Fairy bridge with flowers
  • Posts with cord and bunting stickers sheet
  • Pack of grass seed
  • Coloured gravel
  • Vial of fairy dust
  • Fairy flowers
  • Colour activity booklet

What’s so special?

Aside from the obvious – it’s an enchanted fairy garden! We love that the grass begins to grow in just a few days. This ensures your believer keeps on believing and interacting with this gorgeous set. The night light feature is brilliant, it’s the perfect addition to the set which allows your child to keep part of the fairy garden in their bedroom without the fear of earth and grass being knocked all over the carpet!

The element of imagination that the children get when playing with this set is brilliant too. I love listening to the scenes that my children make up. I also really love the idea that it’s something the children have to take care of and look after. The grass will grow and they have to care for it to keep it looking nice and keep their fairies happy.

My fairy garden

Inside or out?

I personally have the main pot outside in the garden. With two children and a kitten, having this indoors just seems like a disaster waiting to happen in my eyes. I would love for it to be placed delicately indoors and kept as a sweet focal point to a room but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Instead we house it outside next to our other fairy garden and use the light up magical house inside. Isabella likes the idea that the fairies can magically transport from being outside to inside. In fact, we are going to use it as our safe spot when her next tooth falls out. Instead of putting the tooth under her pillow, we will put it in the house and wait for the magic to happen!

This is such a sweet little set with so many different part to it that we feel it’s definitely good value for money. Would your little one love their own magical fairy garden?

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