Nestlings Pet : Review

The super cute, super sweet and super snugly Nestlings have arrived just in time for the Christmas market. With Children beginning to write their lists, Nestlings have landed just in time to become a big hit.

As soon as both my children set eyes on their new Nestling, they were giddy with excitement to see what it did. Isabella instantly set to cuddling and stroking this cute, fluffy animal and wanted to know exactly how to care for her Nestling. Benjamin was so excited to learn that its eye colour meant different things and loved how the Nestling spoke. Both the children were mimicking the Nestling’s sounds and words within minutes.

So what are Nestlings?

Nestlings are the most adorable and soft interactive pet which hatches not one but two babies! We’ve seen interactive pets before and the children have loved them but never have we come across a pet which actually hatches babies.

Of course one of the first questions the children wanted me to answer was how could they get the babies to hatch! I explained that they had to take care of their new Nestlings pet; feed her, play with her love and nurture her before she would let them know using her eyes and flashing heart that she was ready to have one of her babies. This was such a sweet idea that nurturing a pet helped it to grow and develop. The children wouldn’t put her down. They hugged, fed and cared for their pet like she was the most precious thing they owned.

After 5 or so minutes, they were so excited to see that the Nestlings pet was ready to hatch her first baby. The children carefully put her back on her nest – this is important otherwise you won’t be able to hatch a baby – and waited a few seconds for the egg to arrive. You knew the baby had arrived as the Nestlings pet would ‘sing’ Happy Birthday.

Available in Pink and Teal, you can choose which Nestling you buy but you won’t know the colour of the Nestling babies until they hatch. All the Nestlings are super soft and snugly, even the mummy. Isabella couldn’t wait to curl up with them in bed.

How to care for your Nestlings

Each mummy Nestling needs 3x AAA batteries before she will turn on. Once you have switched her on, she has several interactive features you use to help care for your Nestlings pet. Stroke or pat her head, gently push her nose and put her babies to her feet to hear them interact with each other (although the sound will only come from the mummy).

You will know how your Nestling is feeling by the colour of her eyes.

Purple – I am very Happy

Pink – Give me love and kisses

Yellow – I’m hungry

Red – I’m upset

Blue – I’m feeling musical

White – I’m feeling sleepy

Teal – I’m happy

Rainbow – A baby has grown

Although the eyes are a great feature to help you love and nurture your Nestling, they also chatter away and you can work out some of what they say. ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m hungry’ are just two of the phrases we are able to understand. It isn’t clear at first how you are meant to feed your Nestling but we soon worked out that you can push its nose to feed it and you can hear her chomp away. Our Nestling is a very happy little thing who sings and chats a lot. However, she can get quite tired and when her eyes turn white, she needs to be placed back on her nest to sleep.

What happens when a baby is ready to be born?

So, probably the most exciting of all the interactive features is the birth of two Nestlings babies. But what happens? Once you have cared for your Nestling and she is really to have a baby, her eyes flash rainbow and heart light up. You place her on her nest and an egg will pop out. A few minutes more play and the second baby will be ready to come out. Each Nestling will hatch two babies but most excitingly, you can reset your Nestling and re-insert the babies (in their eggs) and hatch them again and again.

For me the fact that you can hatch the babies over and over again means this toy has longevity. There is nothing worse than getting a toy and it loosing the wow factor because it hatched once and then won’t do it again. This alone for me gives this new toy 5 stars.

My children adore their Nestlings pet and I think they are going to fly off the shelves this Christmas.


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