BLOKPOD review

Anyone with a LEGO collection  – the BLOKPOD is a must have item! We’ve been using the BLOKPOD for a few weeks now and even though we’ve held off on using LEGO with it, (it’s just too small for Benjamin at the moment) we have used it for our LEGO Duplo and as a storage unit, it’s been brilliant. I love that you can separate all of the different block sizes to make it easier to build and I also {Read More}

Review: Fisher Price Octonauts Octopod Playset

My daughter and niece love a playlet and mini figure and really seem to get into character when they play. When they got the chance to review Octonauts toys- the Octopod they were thrilled. They now get the Octopod out and include it in most of their play.     It was really easy to set up and the additional/side pods slip on really easily and add the additional play space needed. It comes with Kwazi and Barnacles figures, Mini Gup-A, {Read More}

My Fairy Door: The Magic Door Store

We have had the chance to review a gorgeously crafted miniature door from The Magic Door Store over the past few weeks and I have to say, it is brilliant. You have the choice of a fairy door or an elf door so there is a magical treat in store for both genders. There are 12 doors to choose from including pink, purple, yellow, blue, green and red. Each miniature door comes with its own little pot of magic dust {Read More}

Wicked Uncle Online Toy Shop

With so many of our friends’ little ones birthday’s coming up (as well as my own daughter’s), I wanted to try and find some inspiration from somewhere to get some fab presents from, so when we had the opportunity to review Wicked Uncle (online present buying experience), I was extremely excited. Their website is really easy to navigate, even off of a smart phone and I was easily able to select the relevant section to help me narrow down my search. Wicked Uncle is {Read More}

Providence Climbing Frame

I wanted to buy a swing set or climbing frame that would last years rather than months and spent a long time researching which to buy. I wanted something that was obviously built to last, and had the space to grow with my daughter (And any subsequent children I may have). The Providence Climbing Frame seemed to tick all of the boxes; it had enough space to be versatile and wasn’t too big. It even came with a little table {Read More}

EZ Fort Fairy Tale Castle

I had really high hopes for this fort from Maps Toys as it looks like a fantastic idea and I loved the thought that it could be both an inside and outside toy; however, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed with it as a product overall. There are some real positives too but I think a little more thought needs to go into the overall design. So, some of the good points are that it sparks creativity and {Read More}

Review: BABY Born Interactive Girl

BABY born interactive girl is a lovely doll that many little girls will look after and cherish. She is a good size and quite heavy so feels more like a baby. The BABY born interactive girl comes dressed in a cute pink body suit and has ten accessories including a spoon, bowl, bottle, potty, nappies (X2) and food. Having a simple baby grow on does mean however, you are more inclined to buy more clothes to dress BABY born in {Read More}