Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review

With Christmas right around the corner, the children have begun to compose their Christmas lists in the form of a long list of ‘I want that … oh and that’ but there are a few things that they have seen that keep popping up on their ‘lists’.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise

The new Pop Pop Hair Surprise toys are going to be a huge hit this Christmas and the thing I like as a parent are they are multi-functional so your child won’t lose interest after just 5 minutes. You can wear, share and style the Pop Pop Hair characters and there are over 25 characters to collect. Any surprise or blind bag type toy seems to be a huge hit in our house and the Pop Pop Hair characters are no different.

Depending on your mood, you can either style the Pop Hair Pet’s hair using the handy brush on the reverse of the main Pop Pop Hair. With clips and bobbles included, you’ll be able to style until your heart is content. If you fancy adding a little pop to your own hair, the Pop Pop Hair Pets make a fantastic bobble. Or if you love having snazzy stationary, the Pop Pop Pets could keep your pencil looking the coolest in the class.

Each Pop Pop Hair Surprise comes with Pop brush, Spray bottle (hidden in feet), Pop roller, Pop Hair Pet with brush-able hair, two hair clips and rubber bands and one large hair band for your hair.

How they work

Make sure you read the instructions because in order to get your Pop Pop Hair Surprise to pop open you need to fill the water sprayer and spray the pink fabric quite a lot. Once the string has dissolved, your Pop Pop roller will pop out and you can see which surprise roller and Pop Pop Hair Pet you have.

I like the idea behind popping the surprise out. Nothing makes a child more giddy with excitement than an element of surprise. The pop doesn’t take long to happen if you spray the pink fabric a lot. I made sure all around the string was covered and it popped with ease. Too quickly for me to catch on slo-mo!

Once you have revealed your Pop Pop Hair Surprise Pet, you can brush, braid, plait and bunch your pet’s hair until your heart is content. I love how adding these to your own hair adds a party glam look without actually using any product on your hair!

Once you’ve finished styling your Pop Pop Hair Pet’s hair, you should empty the spray bottle and leave to dry.


We think these are going to be a huge hit for Christmas and retailing with an RRP of £9.99 from Smyths, they will make wonderful stocking filler.

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