Twisty Petz : Review

Twisty Petz from Spin Master have hit the UK and are going to be the next big collectible this summer. With more uses than your traditional collectible, Twisty Petz are actually pretty awesome.

So what  are they?

Well Twisty Petz are a wearable collectible; they transform from being a cute jewelled animal into a glittery bracelet or necklace with just a twist or a pull! From ponies and unicorns to kittens and tortoises, there are over 70 sweet Petz to collect.

What can you get

There are several different packs you can buy including the single pack, 3 pack (with surprise collectible) and the 4 pack which contain the smaller baby Petz and a cute jewellery box. There are so many beautiful Petz you will want to collect them all.

Why are they so good?

As a parent, I love that these aren’t just a simple non-moving collectible toy. These are a multi-purpose and engaging toy that won’t easily be forgotten about. They are wearable, fashionable, fun all rolled into one.

The concept is simple too; twist the beads together to create your pet and gently pull the ends away from each other to separate the beads and connect the head and tail to create a beautiful bracelet. If you have multiple petz, interlock them to create a dazzling necklace. Note however that the Twisty Pez babies won’t fit with the standard size Twisty Petz as they feature different sized connectors.

Twisty Petz as well as being fun and engaging, beautiful and wearable are also small enough that you can put them in your pocket if you wish and take them as travel companions on long journeys. My son and daughter especially love to fiddle with things and these Twisty Petz are perfect for fiddlers. We are going to take them on holiday with us so they have something to play with on the flight.

We love Spin Master and you can see what else they have to offer by checking out my linked posts

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