Untamed Raptor Fingerling : Review

We were already fans of the original Fingerling Monkeys which are still used almost a year on so when we were given the opportunity to review the new Untamed Raptor, Benjamin couldn’t wait.

Stealth, the Untamed Raptor works in the same way as the previous Fingerlings to motion, sound and touch. The main difference to the Untamed range is the chomping jaws and the ability to tame your little friend.

Each Raptor comes with over 40 sounds and noises which range from cute gurgling and purring sounds to more fierce roaring, spiting and chomping if you mistreat your dino friend. You can keep your raptor clinging to your finger while using your other had to interact with the dinosaur. Depending on which way up your dinosaur is held, you can even make your dino fart or burp – much to Benjamin’s delight.

As soon as you get your new friend out the box, they are ready to go. The batteries are included so all you need to do is flip the switch on its head to turn on the fun and fear! There are four different Velociraptor dinosaurs to collect: Blaze (orange), Stealth (green), Fury (blue) and Razor (purple). Benjamin was so pleased to receive Steath as he looks fierce and like a real dinosaur.

Four Designs to Collect

The dinosaur’s colours are bright and vibrant and really cool to look at. Benjamin was instantly engaged with him. The interaction the raptor’s offer are great. You can nuzzle with them and cradle them to make them happy or hang them upside-down to hear them getting angry. Benjamin much preferred to make the dinosaur happy because it then talked to him in gurgles and he would ‘talk’ back to Stealth in delight.

We love taking Stealth out and about too and he fits perfectly in Benjamin’s coat pocket. We’ve has quite a few comments on our ‘pet’ as we’ve been out and about. We absolutely love him and think you would too.

Although the Untamed Fingerlings are aimed at children 5+, I am happy to let Benjamin play with them under supervision. You can buy the Untamed range from all good toy shops including: The Entertainer, Smyths Toys, Argos and Amazon.  For around £16.99, these will make a great Christmas present for any dinosaur mad child.


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