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With so many of our friends’ little ones birthday’s coming up (as well as my own daughter’s), I wanted to try and find some inspiration from somewhere to get some fab presents from, so when we had the opportunity to review Wicked Uncle (online present buying experience), I was extremely excited.

Their website is really easy to navigate, even off of a smart phone and I was easily able to select the relevant section to help me narrow down my search. Wicked Uncle is separated in to set age ranges as well as being gender split into girls and boys toys: however, I had a look at both sections and the toys do overlap a little. I don’t actually mind this (I know some people will object) however, I really appreciate the reason this has been set up; it’s because Wicked Uncle is aimed at people buying presents for other children, and the toys are split into age and sex categories depending on what’s popular at that particular time. I did however check both genders before making my final decision on what to buy. The fact that the toys are split up into age categories was really helpful, especially if you don’t have children of your own. I know I used to find buying gifts for children really hard and I could deliberate on a toy for hours but Wicked Uncle really does make it quick and easy to search for the relevant toys.

I really like the fact that there were some really original and fun looking toys that I haven’t seen anywhere else before. This makes the whole experience even better because you can get a unique gift for that special small person.

There is an option for you to have your present gift wrapped and delivered direct to the birthday girl/boy – there is even the option to add a hand written card! This would be so handy if you know you can’t get to see them on their special day.

We chose to have two items delivered to our own home without the gift wrapping option. The toys arrived REALLY quickly and were sealed securely in a cardboard box. The items were undamaged and in fantastic condition as they had been packed so securely.

We went for the 3 in 1 Convertible Fire Engine, book and play mat as our first present and I think this has to be my favourite too. It’s brilliant and had kept Isabella entertained for a good couple of hours. We read it together first before letting her play with the playmat and finally I put it together with the attached Velcro to form a mini fire engine and she LOVED it. She wouldn’t come out of it for bath time; we had to take it upstairs and pretend she was putting out a fire to get her upstairs.


The second present we got was Movin Monkeys; this will be fantastic for slightly older children. It’s aimed at 4 year olds but we got it knowing we would have to put it all together for now. Isabella loved it and was so intrigued at the process of getting all the cogs to work together to move the monkeys. This game will have great longevity as well as Isabella is quite happy to play with the cogs and try to figure them out as well as watching us build it for her. With 136 pieces, it’s certainly going to keep you or your little one busy for a while!


These were two fantastic finds from a brilliant online toy shop. I will certainly be using Wicked Uncle for future purchases. Thank you Wicked Uncle for making present buying that much easier!

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