Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post ‘n’ Play

Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post ‘n’ Play set is 4 toys in 1. Costing  just £14.99, I think it’s great value for money and provides hours of fun for any young mess maker.

Isabella loves stacking and building at the moment so stacking the cups on top of the honey pot before knocking them down again provides endless entertainment for her. She will quite happily amuse herself with this task for a good 15-20 minutes.

The pouring ability of this is also great. It can be used in the bath or in a sand and water pit in the garden for messy play. I love the idea of messy play as it encourages them to explore and see how water and sand works. These are brilliant for scooping up sand and water and watching the water drain out of the holes is great fun.

The shape sorting part is lovely but at the moment Isabella can’t quite work this out. At 13 months she is still exploring and will try to put the shapes in the holes but hasn’t worked out that there are different shapes for different holes yet- this will be ideal to help her learn. I do however wish that it came with more than three shapes.

Posting  the shapes and cups into the pot is more like tidying up for Isabella at the minute. She will quite happily put the shapes in the pot but she doesn’t like posting the cups into the pot as she thinks we are tidying up!

This is a great toy for little hands to start to work out concepts and ideas of shapes and sorting as well as water play and really will help them to learn as well as have fun. It’s great value for money and provides hours of entertainment.

Pooh 2

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