Wooden Toys Review: Dodo & Bilby

We have kindly been sent a couple of wooden toys to review from Balance Seesaw online shop; we received the Shoot the Bird and Balance Seesaw to road test.

The toys come beautifully packaged in colourful tissue paper within in a sturdy Royal Mail box. One of our toys arrived packaged nicely in paper but there wasn’t a box for the toy. If you are ordering toys for yourself, this of course isn’t an issue at all, however, I feel you couldn’t necessarily buy these items for gifts as not all the packaging is quite what you would expect. To me, the packaging of the Shoot the Bird game seemed unfinished – for example, not all the pieces necessarily come in the same box.

Once we had unwrapped the toys and put them together, the children had fun with them. Unfortunately, the catapult that came with the first package arrived damaged but Dodo and Bilby replaced the item quickly and without any query. The second catapult arrived in much better condition so the children were able to get stuck right in.

Balance Seesaw

My favourite game out of the two is the Balance Seesaw. This game requires skill and patience. Both the children have enjoyed trying to balance the blocks on the seesaw (and I’ve even found myself getting caught up in the addictiveness of it!). Obviously due to his age, Benjamin found this game quite tricky but came up with a novel idea to help him. Instead of trying to heavy-handedly place the shapes on, he would lightly throw the shapes on instead. This actually proved quite successful.

The toy itself was lovely. My only issue was that two of the shapes were not finished particularly well. One of the stars was cut in half and one of the squares wasn’t straight. While this didn’t seem to affect the overall play of the game as such, it was noticed by my four year old and meant she questioned the shape when it didn’t match the shape on the dice. This for me is a bit if a shame.

The aim of the game is to roll the dice and pick up a corresponding shape to balance on the seesaw but the game also works well enough just by taking turns (there are only 4 of each shape so you soon run out of certain shapes).


Next up we tested the Shoot the Bird Game


Shoot the Bird didn’t come in a ‘finished’ box and instead came wrapped in coloured tissue paper. I would have expected it to come boxed and there is nothing on the website that stated otherwise.


Benjamin found this game the most fun because he could knock towers down repeatedly. Both the children enjoyed playing with the catapult although it was sometimes a little tricky to get the discs to flick forward – they often just go straight up. He quickly moved away from using the catapult to try and knock the brick over and just throws them.

The bricks are bright and colourful and there are some sweet patterns and animals on other bricks to add interest. Sadly some of the paint has chipped away from some of the pieces already.

There are enough bricks to build some good sized towers and the children delighted in knocking them down.


If you’re looking for some wooden toys to add to your collection, why not go and take a peek?


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