Xootz LED Tri Scooter : Review

Do you want to get your little ones out and moving more this summer? We’ve been getting the children more active and out in the fresh air with the Xootz LED Tri Scooter.

We’ve tried a couple of different (cheaper) style scooters over the years and there has always been a plethora of issues we’ve encountered with them. Not being height adjustable, having rear wheel that impede your scooting stride as you clip your ankle EVERY SINGLE TIME, the front wheels being too inverted and making the scooter unstable or hard to steer. So when we were offered the chance to review the Xootz LED Tri Scooter from Skates, I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a go; and we’ve been absolutely delighted with it!

Why do we love it?

Firstly, I was quietly surprised at its size and weight when it arrived, it’s a big piece of kit but this is not a negative for me. Being slightly wider and heavier adds to its stability and manoeuvrability. Benjamin has just turned 3 and has always struggled to steer his other scooters; however, he’s taken to the Xootz LED Tri Scooter really well and after just the first couple of goes, has managed to steer the scooter successfully. The 3 wheeled design obviously helps with the stability and ensures little ones can improve their balance as they scoot.

Ease of use has to be my top reason for loving this scooter but we also really like how the handle is height adjustable. We can switch between Isabella and Benjamin using the scooter’s click lock system and we know that this will last us years to come, even as they grow.

Storage is always another thing to mention from a parent’s point of view. Whether that be in general or for packing away in the car on trips etc, having the ability to quickly fold the scooter in half is great. We use this function when we are going in the car and need to pack a lot in the boot (there never is enough space!) and we will also use it for storage in the shed over the bitter winter months.

The kids’ best bits

The children were most impressed with the multi coloured LED wheels. Let’s be honest, who isn’t excited over wheels that light up as you zoom around! They had fun seeing how slow they could go before the lights didn’t work but then chased each other around as they zoomed everywhere watching the wheels light up. Although this is a total gimmick, and doesn’t add anything but an element of ‘cool’ to this scooter, it’s definitely won them over! I can’t seem to capture the LEDs very well!!

Getting the children outside

Isabella has always been a little more delicate and prefers to play inside most of the time. She doesn’t do weather if it’s too cold, too hot, too wet or windy and sometimes it feels like we have to force her to enjoy the outdoors. Letting her use the Xootz LED Tri Scooter has worked a real treat though and she will happily go for a walk if she’s allowed to scoot. Being the delicate flower that she is, she notices things like the comfort of the handlebars. She really loves the soft feel of the handles and says they are very comfortable to grip – even when she scoots over stones.

Both children have found the Xootz LED Tri Scooter easy to use and fun to play on and we will certainly be investing in a second one for Isabella’s birthday in the summer. We’ve had most use out of it on the school run. I’ve never felt comfortable letting Benjamin scoot to school as we have to walk along a busy road. Having seen how much confidence he has gained using the Xoots LED Tri Scooter though, I’m more than happy to have found a fast and fun way of getting to the school gates on time. I believe they are great value for money and honestly can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this fab scooter.


  1. What a great scooter! I love how the height adjusts and I think I’d be pretty fascinated by light up wheels too! Haha

  2. I definitely think that scooters with 2 wheels at the front are they way forward for kids, way more stability and manoeuvrability! And yep, the ability to fold in half is a bonus!

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before but it sounds fab – we need to get Sofia a scooter upgrade so will definitely look into this x

  4. oh my boys are wheel mad, scooters, roller blades, bikes, literally anything with wheels and they want it. We have had a number of scooters in this house and i must say i love the look of this one, the adjustable height will be a god send as they grow.

  5. My eldest loves her scooter. My two year old is desperate to steal her scooter!! I like the 3 wheel scooters for little ones.

  6. We have a micro scooter but it can’t fold up – very annoying at times. Not heard of these but will check them out

  7. Great article, as you can see on my website we review alot of stunt scooters. Maybe we could do a joint venture on something?

  8. This looks fab. I eill definately check this company out when George is ready for a scooter.


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