Zoomer Show Pony: Review

So, I was quite excited when we were able to welcome Zoomer Show Pony into our house. There are many of the children’s toys that I could happily hide (in the hope that the children forget about it) or bin! But Zoomer Show Pony has completely suckered me in.

So what’s so special about Zoomer Show Pony?

Zoomer Show Pony comes with four accessories so you can feed her an apple until she’s full, feed her a sugar cube as a treat (or to make her go hyper), feed her a carrot to put her in training mode and a little brush to keep her mane looking smooth and show worthy.

Tricks and more

As well as being able to manipulate the pony to do tricks with the carrot, you can also push the heart button on the front of the pony to get her singing or dancing. We’ve has so much fun training the Zoomer Show Pony (whom we have named Sparkle). Admittedly, Isabella doesn’t have the patience to  train her up completely as you have to repeat certain tricks quite a few times before she will do harder tricks. I have been working hard to help train Zoomer up too but we still have plenty to teach her.

While I love the concept behind the training phase as it can keep the toy ‘fresh’ and engaging, for a 5-year-old, she would like the training phases to be shorter so she can play with all the functions faster.

Tricks aren’t Zoomer’s only attraction though, you can stroke, pet, and cuddle the pony to show her love and affection and she will show it back by lighting up hearts in her eyes and even neighing ‘I love you’.

Her eyes light up in various patterns to let you know whether she’s sleepy, hungry or happy and it can take a little while to fully get your head around what each sign means but to be honest, Isabella enjoys combing her hair and pretending it’s her real pet more than anything else.

Imaginative Play

While Isabella will play with the various functions for a while, she will feed Zoomer and make sure she’s cared for, do a little dance or a few tricks but then want to pamper her again and get her ‘show ready’. I love that this can be interactive as well as used for imaginative play when turned off. There really is no limit to the imagination and the interactive nature of Zoomer only adds to this element in my mind.

What we’d really like to see

It would be brilliant if the pony came with some sort of special bag to keep all the accessories together in as these things have a tendency to get lost. Although you can access the feeding mode etc by touch, if you lose the pieces, lots of the fun will be lost. As you can see below, the pieces will scatter about during play and if you’re not careful will be lost before you know it (especially with a younger brother in the house!).

Overall this is a great toy and will certainly give the wow factor if you’re giving this as a gift at Christmas but I wonder if it would get the same response from an older child.

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