5 Ways to Keep your Feet Warm this Winter

With the weather set to go arctic this winter, we’ve got you (and your toes) covered. Here’s our top tips to keeping your feet warm this winter.

Picking the right socks

You can do a couple of things with socks and that is either go full on hiking sock or double up! Wear a thin polypropylene sock with an outer wool sock to keep those toes extra toasty. You need to ensure that even with your socks, whichever you choose, you get a combo that fits inside your shoe. Don’t over do it and end up with shoes which pinch. Remember, thicker doesn’t always mean warmer. It’s the material you need to concentrate on rather than the thickness. Also, try to avoid wearing cotton socks in the winter. They will get wet with sweat and will only add to the freeze when outside.

Wear the right footwear

Make sure you ditch the breathable upper sole on active footwear and opt for something a little more waterproof and stylish. Keeping your feet dry is essential if you want to keep them warm. Sometimes, however, wellies just aren’t going to cut it. That’s where Uppersole come in. You can choose from a wide range of women’s over the knee boots from Uppersole to keep your tootsies warm and dry as well as adding some glamour to your outfit. You don’t need to go all stiletto heeled if you don’t want to though. There is a lovely range of casual low heel or mid heel boot(s) which will keep you crunching through the snow without any issues.

Uppersole have a lovely range of casual boots as well as boots which are better suited to a night out on the town and the best bit is they won’t break the bank either. The collection is beautiful and despite the very attractive pricing, these boots are all high quality and comfortable too.

Using wool insoles

You might wonder why you need insoles but using wool during the colder months can help you retain heat and make your shoes a little softer too! No-one likes having chilly toes and now, there’s really no need. Wool both repels and absorbs water so any moisture will be pulled away from your feet and will keep your toes toasty warm. There are lots of designs to choose from some with added arch support for your comfort. You should look for thin design insoles so you don’t over pad your boots. Merino wool is one of the best wool options on the market. Have a peek and see which you can find.

Keep moving

The next best thing is to stay active. If you stop moving in the cold, your feet will start to get cold quickly. The best cure for this is to get your blood flowing. Run, jump or just get active. Increase your core body temperature and your feet will soon feel the benefits too. Get walking and avoid those puddles.

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