A Well Needed Summer Wardrobe Update

I don’t feel like I’ve really updated my wardrobe for years and I mean that literally, let alone getting a summer wardrobe ready. I’ve of course added one or two pieces but since becoming pregnant with Isabella 5 years ago, I feel like my wardrobe has just stagnated.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not one who keeps up with all the latest trends and fashions; in fact it took a good two or three years for me to accept skinny jeans into my life (I know don’t seem to be able to live without them!). However, like most other people, fashionable or not, I still like to look nice.

I’ve decided that over the next couple of months, I’m going to treat myself to a couple of new items and slowly reinvigorate my old, tired wardrobe with new colour and style.

Clothes Snob

When I was younger, I was a real clothes snob. I would only buy my clothes from certain shops and wouldn’t even entertain the idea of shopping in supermarkets. Now that I’m older and have more important things to be spending my money on, I’m all for bargain shopping! I will often look in Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s if I’m doing the weekly shop and have found a couple of lovely bits.

Last weekend, I took my eldest to the cinema and on our way home I decided to have a quick look in Primark to get some summer basics for the kids. While I was in there I spotted these beautiful shirts and ended up buying three. They will be perfect for work as well as in the summer! My favourite has to be the bright and colourful bird one though.

As well as these three tops, I ended up buying some cropped chinos which again I thought would be perfect for work and a smarter look for weekends. Although I love them, I can’t get away with wearing chinos all the time at work and need to find suitable smart office wear too.

Finding Clothes That Fit

I really seem to struggle to find decent trousers that fit comfortably but also look nice. Since having children my hips have widened (and my bum has got a little bigger too!) but my legs are still relatively skinny. Because of this some trousers really emphasis my bum and hips which isn’t what I want. These business trousers from Esprit though are wide enough to fit comfortably and have a tapered leg which means they don’t make my legs look too skinny or disproportionate. They are great for teaming up with the shirts I got from Primark and weren’t too expensive either.crop trousers

I’ve made a start at creating my new wardrobe and losing some of the drab and boring pieces I’ve worn for the past few years. I’m sure it will take a few more months before I’m completely happy but I am getting there.

Do you ever feel the need for a complete change? Have you ever gone out and just bought a whole new wardrobe? I’d love to hear from you about your top tips for keeping a fresh look.

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