Finding the Perfect Dress for Your Holidays

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For travel agents, January is always a busy month. It is when a lot of us get sick of the cold and book ourselves a holiday. Getting a little sun, or taking a city break is a great way to cure the winter blues. With this in mind, I decided to write a packing related article, today. Specifically, I thought I would look at finding the perfect dress for your trip.

A dress for the warm weather

If you have booked yourself a week somewhere warm, you are going to need to buy yourself a summer dress. The problem is that a lot of the shops do not carry them, at this time of the year. Fortunately, online retailers like Simply Be still do. They do a good job of catering for all tastes and needs. Currently, they have over 800 dresses in sizes 12 to 32 in stock. So, they are actually a good place to find virtually any type of dress you need.

The trick to buying a summer dress at this time of the year is buying something that you can still wear when you get home. You need to look for one that will still look good if you want to wear it with a cardigan, jacket and maybe a pair of boots. With this in mind, it is usually best to go for cap or short sleeves, rather than a sleeveless dress.

A beach dress

For the beach a lightweight, flowing dress is always a good idea. You can just slip it on over your swimming costume when you want to have lunch. Or, use it to cover up a little if you have had too much sun. On really hot days, you could even wear it when you go sightseeing.

Do not worry too much if you struggle to find one in the shops. You can easily make your own using the instructions in this short article.

A versatile black wool dress

If your plan is to just have a change of scenery and you are travelling to somewhere that is just as cold as here, you need to take another approach. In that situation, a nice wool or jersey dress is usually the best good option. It will keep you warm and will not crease in your case.

It is an especially good idea to choose one that has been made using black fabric. This colour is slimming, so it will be flattering. Most people overindulge over Christmas and put on an extra pound or two. So, this is actually an important consideration.

The other good thing about black is that it goes with most other colours. If you are planning to have a meal in a nice restaurant or want to attend an opera or theatre show it will be perfect for that too. A black dress is can easily be dressed up or down simply by using the right accessories.

Choose something that makes you feel confident

Probably the most important tip I can give you is to choose something that makes you feel confident. I am increasingly aware of how important this is, which is I wrote an article about how to choose clothes that boost your self-esteem. You can read it here.




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