Getting Confidence from Clothes

I’ve written before about getting back my style after pregnancy and having to find out about styles that suit my new body shape which you can read about here. But more than a few months on and I’m still feeling more like a ‘frumpy mum’ rather than a 30-year-old ‘yummy mummy’.

Not feeling great about the way you look can have a huge impact on the way you feel and behave. I’ve found that I’m not as confident when I’m wearing something that doesn’t make me feel great and having gone back to work, this is a huge issue. Working as a secondary school teacher, being confident is part of the job; if you aren’t confident, you don’t have a hope of getting the best out of your class.

Return to work

I returned to work just before Easter and I felt on a back foot for most of that term for more than one reason. Obviously having a year off means new students, new classes, taking over from maternity cover, I was in a new classroom, I needed to get back into school routines and also make some new routines getting two children to different childcare arrangements (one to pre-school and one to a childminder), a whole new curriculum and finding out none of my work clothes really fit properly. It also felt like I’d suddenly lost all sense of fashion (not that I had a lot to begin with).

I really struggled last term for all these reasons and I am determined to start the new school year feeling confident and on top of everything. So, my summer holiday to do list (aside from the planning and restocking on school equipment and stationary) is to get a new, updated wardrobe to help me feel confident and ready to take on the world.

Hitting the shops

With trailing the kids around the shops completely out of the question, I’ve taken to online shopping and I’ve been on the hunt for quality and reasonably priced items. Some of my best buys have to be from Next, H&M, Esprit and Dorothy Perkins.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces

I love these coloured trousers from Esprit and think the slim fit and smart look and bonus comfortable stretch make them perfect for working.Esprit

I also had to have this blouse– it’s smart, cool and makes me feel great.Esprit 2

This black sleeveless shirt from Dorothy Perkins will be perfect with some accessories.DP

Green Ponte Skinny Trousers from Next add a slight change to black while still looking smart.Next

Basic vests for under tops are always handy.

Nude court shoes (everyone needs a pair of these!) Next 2

To make the look, accessories are a must and some of my favourite pieces are these delicate pieces from Ted Baker as well as wearing something a little more personalised like this family heart necklace.

Ted Baker


Ted Baker 2
Not on the hs

These are just a couple of the things I’m going to be doing to help create that confidence and ditch the frumpy mum look. Do you have any go to pieces that give you that boost of confidence? Or do you have any tips for staying on trend and being a yummy mummy within a budget? I’d love to hear from you.

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