My Top Modest Swimwear Picks for summer 2019

With summer officially less than a month away, I have been getting the family ready for more outdoor activities. That includes going swimming and spending time at the beach.

So, I have visited to look at their bikini, one-piece, tankini and swim dress ranges. I am pleased to report that, this year, the swimwear designers have come up with some fantastic costumes. It does not matter what shape or size you are there is a costume out there, with your name on it. Here are some of my favourites.

Flattering swim dresses

If you had told me a few years ago that swim dresses would have been back in vogue, I would not have believed you. But, they are, and they are great.

They are basically one-pieces that have been styled with a short skirt, which makes it look like you are wearing a dress. They look really good and have been carefully designed so that the little skirt does not get in the way when you are swimming.


If you find one-pieces difficult to get on and off, which they can be, especially when they are wet, you may find a tankini to be a better choice. There is a top and a bottom half, but most of them are designed to look like a one-piece rather than a bikini.

Styling wise, there is plenty of choice. Some have bikini style bottoms, while others feature a little skirt as the swim dresses do. The tops vary too. Some of them hug the figure like a one-piece does, while others look more like a summer top.

Some of them are made from two layers of fabric. One of them hugs your figure, so that the costume stays in place while you are swimming.

The other type is so that it hangs slightly away from the body and look more like a summer top. If you are self-conscious about your top half, a tankini is perfect for blurring the lines a bit and skimming over any little bulges.

Flattering bikinis

If you prefer a traditional two-piece bikini, but are worried that you are carrying too much weight, just buy one that includes high waisted bottoms. A lot of stores now sell mix and match bikinis. So, there is no need to squeeze yourself into a set of bottoms that are tighter or skimpier than you would like.

Narrowing down your swimwear options

As you can see, this year, you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to swimwear. This is good news in one way, because it means you are bound to find something that you like. But, it can also mean that you are going to be spending too much time deciding which one is right for you. To help you to avoid this issue, I suggest that you read this article. It explains how to narrow down your options using your body shape as your guide. Taking this approach will save you from having to wriggle in and out of dozens of costumes to find the one that flatters your figure.

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