November Rain Poncho Review

With the wonderful weather we are often faced with in the UK, especially over the spring and summer, I often end up taking clumpy rain coats out and either get too hot with a coat on, or end up hauling it round just because of the unpredictability. Well now I have a simple, elegant and more importantly, a compact solution. November Rain Ponchos are a fully waterproof (not just rain resistant) ponchos which come in a range of prints and colours.

They were originally designed in Austrailia and sold in the USA but are now available to buy in the UK. The luxurious Satin Polyester has a strong waterproof backing to ensure it is fully waterproof. It has a detachable hood and also poppers under the arms to make sleeves. To make it practical as well as stylish, each poncho has a front pocket.


I’ve been after something lightweight and well made to use when it’s too hot for a proper coat and November Rain really have come up with the prefect solution. I have taken it in the bottom of the buggy everywhere – it is so compact. I loved the fact that it has a full zip so if you get a little hot, you can always un-zip slightly. The popper over the zip ensures that the poncho remains waterproof.

When it first comes out the tote bag, it’s quite creased – you can, if you are really careful, iron your poncho to remove most of the creases. I’m not overly bothered if it’s a little creased but I did want to get most of them out. The poncho is large enough that I can wear it over more layers or even keep my bag under it if I needed.

I like the fact it isn’t too long although it could probably do with being an inch or so longer (especially for taller people). It’s still long enough to keep me dry when walking on the school run in the rain.

Three Designs

November Rain Ponchos come in three designs. I choose the deep teal colour as it’s one of my favourite colours. But they also come in Oriental Bird and Tribe prints. The colour is printed on using an eco-friendly, waterless sublimation printing.

The poncho costs £49 but the quality is so good that you know it’s going to last for years. It is so much better than buying the disposable ponchos on outings to theme parks etc and looks so much better too.

As if having an amazing product want enough, November Rain have pledged that 10% of their turnover to water projects in developing countries!

So if you are looking for a lightweight, fully waterproof rain solution, why not look at the eco friendly November Rain products.

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