New Body New Style – John Lewis Make Over

Over the summer I had the chance to get a makeover with Bobbi Brown make-up and be styled with the lovely stylists in our local John Lewis. Having just had my second child, I found I didn’t know what suited my new body shape and as for colours, apparently I’ve been choosing some of the wrong ones! Having spent a good few hours with different people, I felt I now had a better idea of how to manage my ‘new {Read More}

The Power of Vanish

With Isabella back at pre-school the washing load seems to have doubled as she comes home most days covered in paint. I sometimes wonder if she paints herself on purpose!   Anyway, with all the paint, and longer hours at school, I don’t always manage to get the clothes washed while the paint is wet, in fact, it’s almost always dry and therefore a lot harder to get out. Vanish have come to my rescue though and sent me some fantastic {Read More}

KoziKids Regn Kappa Rain Coat

With the wonderful summer weather we tend to get in the UK, I knew it wouldn’t be too long before we got the chance to try out Isabella’s new KoziKidz rain coat.     I really love the quality and feel of the rain coat; it’s made from a stretchy PU coated polyester and is not only 100% waterproof but it’s also very easy to wear. It boasts a large (detachable) elasticated hood with a little peak at the front to {Read More}

Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bags with Feet

I actually want one of these myself! But Isabella has had the chance to try out the Slumbersac sleeping bag with openings for her feet. This is absolutely perfect for her because since she was about 18 months, she’s absolutely hated having her feet covered at night. The Slumbersac sleeping bag with feet means that she stays snug ad warm all night long but she’s also able to get out of bed in the morning. The sleeping bags are designed so {Read More}

Aldi’s SpecialBuys Running Gear

The summer is well and truly on its way and what better way to make the most of it and get fit at the same time as going out for a run? Ok so I might be new to the running malarkey but my husband regularly runs come rain or shine (I definitely think I’ll be a sunny day runner!) and he gets through a lot of running gear which can get quite expensive. Aldi’s Special Buys today include all {Read More}


Shoes; we all wear them and I’m sure we’ve all complained about them too (or at least about how much they hurt our feet!). Well VIVOBAREFOOT have designed shoes which aim to ‘make everyone’s lives better, whether through providing a more enjoyable and injury free running experience or by allowing you to live barefoot with our zero-drop, anatomic width, total flexibility, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole shoes’. They believe that your feet include all of the necessary technology needed; muscles and tendons {Read More}

Want Her Dress – Beautiful Clothes at Great Prices

Most new mums are so happy and excited with their new bundle of joy and most of the time put everyone but themselves first. Money becomes tighter and you just don’t spend the money you do have on yourself as you’d much rather buy something for your little one. However, it’s really important for mum to feel great and sometimes that means buying some new clothes – especially as your shape changes after giving birth, nothing you own quite fits {Read More}