Rieker Garnet Boots: Review

I’ve been looking for some flat leather knee high boots for a while now; my problem is that if they are too wide, they gape and don’t look very good. However, these Rieker Garnet boots fit brilliantly. They aren’t too wide at the top as they have a fluffy textile inside the boot.

The boots are really comfortable. I wanted a boot that I could wear all day and that was versatile enough to be more casual or smarter if needed. I love how the leather and buckle detail make these boots look smart. It adds just the right amount of detail to make them interesting but not fussy!

The leather is super soft and flexible so you don’t get any stiff areas when walking around. The sole is really comfortable too with plenty of room to ensure your toes aren’t squashed. The first one or two times I wore these boots, they were a little tight to put on but the inside textile soon flattens down.

I’ve worn these as boots continually over the Christmas break as casual, everyday boots. They are perfect for the more frosty mornings and park walks but I’m also back to work tomorrow and planning on wearing these with a smarter top to dress them up.

The colour is really warm. I love how there is a slight difference in tone throughout the boot. These boots look just as lovely with a dress or skirt as they do with jeans or chinos.

I am between sizes and can be either a 6 or 7. I went for the 6 and they are perfect. I think they would have been far too big (especially at the top) had I gone for the larger size.

I’ve had lots of compliments about these boots. They really are the perfect everyday boot. Even though I have worn these every day of the holidays, they haven’t scuffed or worn on the outside at all. I have every faith that these are going to see me through many winters and look just as good as the first day!

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  1. Ohh! These look fabulous. Perfect for these winter mornings….They sound very comfy x

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