Infant Colic Awareness Month – Competition

Did you know that September 26th is officially the most popular birthday in the UK? The number of babies born on this single day range from 1,800 to 2,000! That is a lot of babies. With all these births, comes some very joyful moments; however, 1 in 3 British mums admit to being unaware of Infant Colic. Infant Colic is a common medical condition which affects 1 in 5 newborn babies and can cause parents and babies a lot of {Read More}

My Little Adventurer Book Review and Competition

There’s nothing more enjoyable in the evening than sitting down with the children before bed and snuggling up together with a new story. We love reading in our house and without fail, we read two stories a night to the children. However, as much as I look forward to this special time together, sometimes the children pick the same books night after night. They seem to love the repetition of the story and anticipating what happens but from a parent’s {Read More}

Infant Colic

If your baby has ever suffered with colic, you will know just how stressful a time it can be; in fact you might feel like you’re never going to get out of the cycle of having a screaming baby. Infacol have created a study called Stress in the First Six Months and it highlighted that 95% of parents find having a baby stressful and having three makes the balancing act that much harder. “With three children, you don’t have time {Read More}

Mini Hornit Lid : Review and Giveaway

If you struggle to get your children to wear a helmet when cycling or scooting, you might want to check out Mini Hornit helmets (Mini Hornit Lids)! They are super cool, bright and funky and fantastically designed to actually fit ensuring the head is properly protected. Each lid is fully adjustable to ensure a great fit and from a parents perspective, they are easy to adjust too (even when on!). I love how much the helmets actually cover and protect {Read More}

ThePhoneCloud PX1 Children’s Mobile Phone : Review and Giveaway

It seems to me that younger and younger children are being given mobile phones of their own – whether it’s an older sibling or a parent’s old handset or whether they have been bought a brand new phone, young children seem to be sporting mobiles like fashion accessories. We’ve been looking at the PX1 a children’s mobile and putting it to the test. Now there is nothing to say that younger children shouldn’t be allowed mobiles but as a parent, {Read More}

myBURGERbox Gourmet Burgers : Review and Giveaway

If you love a good monthly subscription box and you love eating delicious burgers, you need to try out myBURGERbox! myBURGERbox is a monthly gourmet burger subscription service that send you seriously tasty burgers and other delectable ingredients right to your door! Each month, you will receive an assortment of products and flavours to create your own seriously juicy 6oz burger. However, the great taste and amazing service doesn’t stop there. Oh no, you also get sent some sweets for {Read More}

WIN Lansinoh 2 in 1 Electric Pump and goodies worth over £130!

We’ve teamed up with Lansinoh to offer you the chance to WIN the light and portable Lansinoh 2 in 1 Electric Pump which has been designed for your comfort and with six suction levels allowing you to express easily as well as nursing pads, therapearl pads and some Lanolin. Features and benefits for Lansinoh 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump: Use it as a single or double pump by simply connecting either one or both tubes Maximum efficiency – more {Read More}

Our Bedtime Routine and Bepanthen Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bundle Including a £50 Gift Cardl

For us we have always seen bedtime routine as one of the most important stages of the day. Even with my now 5-year-old, we still have the same bedtime routine which allows her the time to relax and calm down ready for bed. So what does our bedtime routine look like? 6:15pm: we take the children up for their bath. They still bath together as they enjoy each others company at the moment. 6:30pm: we get the children out of {Read More}

WIN an Easter Hamper from M&S!

With Easter just around the corner and a new M&S Foodhall having just opened in Chalfont St Peter, we have an incredible hamper of Easter treats to give away! I visited the new store on Wednesday and was met by the smiley staff who were more than happy to help show me all the delicious treats in store. If you get the chance, I can recommend the new store highly. Of course, it would only be fitting that we had {Read More}

WIN SONGMICS Ottoman : Are you always looking for extra storage ideas in your house?

If you’re anything like me, you will always be on the lookout for additional storage solutions that look great as well as being functional. With two children and I don’t know how many toys, as well as having my own crafting paraphernalia, in the house, we are constantly looking for the best ways to keep the house looking tidy. The SONGMICS Ottoman is my idea of the perfect solution to hide my mess! We have lots of storage boxes in {Read More}