ChattyFeet – sock fun for the whole family!

So we’ve tried ChattFeet socks before and they were a huge hit the first time round so when the next set came in the post for review, Isabella was ridiculously excited to try them out! In fact, she was so excited, she couldn’t decide which pair she wanted to try first and therefore tried two and insisted Mummy and Daddy try theirs too.

Chatty 1

I love how excited she can get over SOCKS! I think the thing that she loves the most is the fact that they create specific engagement and communication. She loves making up little stories and dancing around the room in them.

Chatty 2

The socks themselves are made from Combed Cotton from Portugal and are really soft and comfortable to wear. Even after they have been washed for the thousandth time (which ours have!) they stay soft to wear and haven’t bobbled.

The delight that ChattyFeet bring, hasn’t just stopped at home…no, I’ve taken them on outings to work and much to my students’ delight, they have entertained, ‘taught’ and brought laughter and fun into a secondary English classroom. Mr Grrrril was a strong favourite with the older kids but Brad Feet and Miko have been the firm favourites at home.

Isabella has her own little collection of ChattyFeet now and she likes to mix and match them in the mornings now she has enough to choose from and it’s vary rare for her to want to wear them in the ‘correct’ pairs anymore. She will instead pick who is going to be friends that day andthen let them go on her journey with her. It’s a brilliant addition to imaginary play and I can’t wait to see the other designs Chatty Feet come up with!

Chatty 3

If you like the idea of ChattyFeet, why not pop on over to their site and enter their contest to win a family pair for yourself!

Chatty 4

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