Make your own Christmas Cards with Font Bundles

This year has been one like most of us have never experienced before and we’ve not been able to see our loved ones nearly as much as we would have liked. Since we haven’t managed to see people as much, I think I’m going to be sending out more Christmas Cards than I have ever done before! Over the past few years, there has been more of an inclination to give to charity rather than send Christmas cards but this {Read More}

How to make a gorgeous papercut Christmas wreath

With Christmas coming, I’ve been getting in the mood with a little bit of crafting. I always seem to be make the most crafts during the autumn, from Christmas cards, gift tags, papercut pictures and decorations. I love the way they look and so this year, with the help of >The Christmas Craft Bundle from >Design Bundles, I decided to make my own Christmas Wreath. I decided to try taking it back to the complete basics. I wasn’t going to buy {Read More}

Nifty Craft Projects For The Summer

*Collaborative Post* During the summer time, depending on the age of your kids, they’re going to have a lot of free time! They won’t be at school, and they won’t have any homework to get on with, and there’s a good chance any hobby clubs are going to be taking a break as well. So what do you do? When you have a house filled with bored and energetic kids who want something to get on with?  Well, you get {Read More}

Get Through The Summer Holidays With These Ideas

*collaborative post * The long school summer break is almost upon us, and for many parents, this can be a tough time to manage. If you work and have to juggle your job with your childcare responsibilities, it can be especially tricky. You will have the challenge of arranging time off work when all the other parents want the same leave and organising childcare for the remaining weeks. If you’re a stay at home parent, you’ve ha got at least {Read More}

How to make an erupting volcano

The children love to get a little bit messy and creative, especially Isabella so we decided a couple of weekends ago that we decided to find out how to make an erupting volcano. Getting started What you will need for this experiment: A plastic bottle (Note – if you are going to use a large bottle you will need more ingredients to make the eruption really work!) Newspaper or kitchen roll PVA glue Masking tape Paint Food colouring Bicarbonate of {Read More}

Going Back to School in Style

Soon the schools will all start going back after the glorious summer we’ve had. If your children are anything like me or my children, they will love getting all their new back to school gear ready. With my addiction to stationery, it’s no wonder my kids have an affiliation for it too. Isabella will be heading into year 2 and although they don’t need to take pencils and pens into school yet, they are allowed to take a small pencil {Read More}

World Book Day Fun

As it’s world book day tomorrow, I thought I’d put a little post together and show you all our World Book Day potatoes! I love the idea of world book day. As an English teacher, I think anything that encourages a love of reading in children is wonderful and will only benefit them long term. Our children can’t get enough of books (at the moment!) and they each have two stories a night read to them as well as various {Read More}

Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts perfect for entertaining the children this week! A few years ago Isabella was desperate to re-decorate our Christmas tree but I was less excited about the idea so we decided to improvise. We cut out a Christmas tree shape from green card and then gave Isabella some paints, stickers and glitter and let her decorate to her hearts content. This was so simple to do and she loved it! For full details, you can see my post here. {Read More}

Motherhood – Celebrating World Poetry Day with Viking

Before World Poetry Day, Viking got in touch and asked if I’d collaborate with them in order to help celebrate the wonderful world of poetry. They sent through a gorgeous stationary kit (which I couldn’t wait to use!) We were given a mini canvas and stand, a gorgeous gold feather caligraphy pen, a vairety of other pens, some paper and stick on pearls. Now I love writing and reading but trying to put together something for World Poetry Day just {Read More}

Chalkola Chalk Markers

We’ve used chalk boards with the children to help them write and for playing with but the dust always gets everywhere and the colours aren’t particularly bight. They do need quite a bit of shaking and dabbing before the ink comes out smoothly but once the ink is flowing, the pens write so well. Chalkola have changed that! They have come up with chalk pens which write beautifully and have the brightest colour and vibrancy to them. They are relatively {Read More}