World Book Day Fun

As it’s world book day tomorrow, I thought I’d put a little post together and show you all our World Book Day potatoes! I love the idea of world book day. As an English teacher, I think anything that encourages a love of reading in children is wonderful and will only benefit them long term. Our children can’t get enough of books (at the moment!) and they each have two stories a night read to them as well as various {Read More}

Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts perfect for entertaining the children this week! A few years ago Isabella was desperate to re-decorate our Christmas tree but I was less excited about the idea so we decided to improvise. We cut out a Christmas tree shape from green card and then gave Isabella some paints, stickers and glitter and let her decorate to her hearts content. This was so simple to do and she loved it! For full details, you can see my post here. {Read More}

Motherhood – Celebrating World Poetry Day with Viking

Before World Poetry Day, Viking got in touch and asked if I’d collaborate with them in order to help celebrate the wonderful world of poetry. They sent through a gorgeous stationary kit (which I couldn’t wait to use!) We were given a mini canvas and stand, a gorgeous gold feather caligraphy pen, a vairety of other pens, some paper and stick on pearls. Now I love writing and reading but trying to put together something for World Poetry Day just {Read More}

Chalkola Chalk Markers

We’ve used chalk boards with the children to help them write and for playing with but the dust always gets everywhere and the colours aren’t particularly bight. They do need quite a bit of shaking and dabbing before the ink comes out smoothly but once the ink is flowing, the pens write so well. Chalkola have changed that! They have come up with chalk pens which write beautifully and have the brightest colour and vibrancy to them. They are relatively {Read More}

The Irish Fair Door Company

With the magical season fast approaching, there’s nothing more magical than giving your little one the gift of their very own fairy/elf door. You can spark your children’s imagination and get them fully wrapped up in the magic of Christmas (and beyond!)   The Irish Fairy Door Company offer a paint your own fairy/elf door so you can really get creative. Not only can you paint your perfect door, but it also comes with some gorgeous accessories that you can {Read More}

Personalised Christmas Cards with Snapfish

Everyone likes something a little personalised at Christmas and I’ve teamed up with Snapfish and Little Love Photography to test out how we can put a smile on lots of faces this year. Now our little family is complete, we wanted to get some family photos and make some personalised Christmas cards. We have wanted to get the family together to get some nice photos for so long and decided that Christmas was the perfect excuse. I take so many {Read More}

Snow Place Like Home

Isabella and I have had great fun creating our Isabella’s igloo to get in the festive spirit with Ocean loans. We love a good craft in this house and Christmas seems to bring out the crafting spirit even more. Ocean loans sent us an amazing cardboard igloo and a voucher to buy some decorations and here’s what we came up with.   We did have plans to spray paint the igloo silver but when we started decorating, it was raining and {Read More}

DIY foaming baby wash recipe

Many companies nowadays use toxins in their washing products for babies and parents are worried about the health of their child. The only alternative parents have is to make their own baby wash and use it instead of risking the health of their kids. More is less when we speak about cleaning ingredient for the skin especially of the newborns. Here are some recipes for DIY foaming baby wash that don’t contain synthetic agents, hormone disturbing fragrances and other dangerous {Read More}

Making a Quiet Book

I made this last year but it has to be one of my best makes to date. I had been serching for inspiration for ways to keep my daughter entertained on trips and came across quiet books; I hadn’t heard of them before but the more I looked into it, the more I liked them. Firstly, I took a trip to Hobby Craft and bought some A4 sheets of felt and some stickers and other items I was going to {Read More}

Easter crafts with no chocolate in sight!

Getting away from the idea of chocolate for Easter, why not try some fun Easter crafts? Baker Ross have some fantastic crafts that you could do as a whole family. There are the more obvious bunnies and eggs but they also do some more subtle crafts that you could keep up all year round. So we started off making these super cute chick and bunny pop-up puppet kits. They were really easy to put together and decorate as the holes {Read More}