Baker Ross Craft Afternoon – Fun With Friends

photo 1 (12)Does your little one love making mess? Ours love it, especially when they are allowed to make it! Baker Ross have some brilliant craft ideas, craft kits and inspiration for any crafts you might be into.

I think crafting is really therapeutic and because Isabella loves it, it’s such a nice activity to do together; the best thing about it is that you can do it inside on rainy days or take it outside and be as messy as you need to.

A small group of mummies from What Mummy Thinks were having a get together with our toddlers and we decided to put some of Baker Ross’ craft supplies and craft kits to the test. Some of the mummies were more competitive than others but it was such a lovely group activity that I can see just getting better the older they get.

So lots of these activites were based around Easter (I’m sorry it’s taken so long to put up!) and we used the pre-assembled kits to make some cute bags and boxes for Easter gifts/chocolate. I really liked the pre-assembled kits as with toddlers they want things instantly and unless you’re super organised (obviously counts me out!) and cut things out ahead of time – most likely when your toddler is asleep, they will get frustrated with you and with waiting. Obviously the older they get, the more they will understand but for now, the pre-assembled kits are great.

photo 1 (13)Our first attempt was at making some Easter themed boxes. The toddlers really enjoyed being able to stick things down and mostly stuck them in the right places with some direction from the mums. All the mummies agreed that having the items pre-glued (peel off the paper and it’s sticky) was a huge bonus as it meant we didn’t have to faff around with glue and small parts. The only things that weren’t sticky were the eyes. This meant a little faffing and more parental imput than the toddlers would have liked but it wasn’t the end of the world. We had some lovely chick and egg table confetti which we put on top of ‘coloured paper grass’ to make a nest within the box. The toddlers loved this as they had something inside to ‘play’ with.

photo 2 (11)Out next crafting activity was to make some little Easter bags which could be filled with mini chocolate eggs from an Easter egg hunt. Again, these were brilliant because they were so easy for the toddlers to do. Even though they didn’t quite end up looking like the cute bunny/chick (they were slightly more wonky eyed) they were simple, fun and quick to make. This one needed the hair glued on but again, this wasn’t the end of the world but would have been better if there were glue dots provided or were already sticky.

We wanted the toddlers to have a go at creating an image on an Easter candle but unfortunately for them, the PicTixx Candle Pens (paint) was too tricky for them to use so it fell to the adults to give this one a good go. I was really surprised at the quality of the candle pens as it was like a wax paint; it didn’t drip (as long as you didn’t over squeeze the pen) and dried really nicely.

We also got creative with pipe cleaners and created spider webs and spiders which we could use when singing. This, even though the adults actually made it, was a huge hit as the toddlers could play with the spider and can manipulate the pipe cleaners to explore texture and touch.

All in all, we had a fantastic afternoon full of happy mums and toddlers.

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